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YAZZII has a policy of keeping prices down by continually looking at cost reduction and fine-tuning our processes to increase efficiencies. Over the last few years the strong Australian Dollar helped us contain increased supplier costs.

With the recent weakening of the Australian Dollar relative to the US Dollar we have been forced to increase some of our prices.
Yazzii continues to deliver value through or innovative, high-quality products.

 Yazzii HandCrafted Classics

  • The Yazzii range of organisers are classified as handicraft items.  
  • Over 50% of each organiser is made by hand. Basic machines are then used to complete the stitching.
  • The use of any modern & technical equipment or processes in their production is minimized.
  • The quilting, that makes the Yazzii organisers unique, is done freehand and is a testament to the skill of our staff.
  • The product is labour intensive, intricate and requires a high level of concentration and time.
  • Our product designs, fabric selections and the skill of the artisans together allow us to produce and maintain the high quality of the Yazzii Range of Organisers.
The YAZZII range of craft organizers caters to all craft disciplines. Our range of storage solutions covers the General craft and Papercraft Industry.

Yazzii International invests in research and we work with crafters to design our bags. Our innovation keeps us at the leading edge. At YAZZII we're passionate about our products and believe strongly in quality.

You might find cheap copies in the market but are they a YAZZII??

Our biggest compliment is that others are copying our designs and passing them of as similar bags, please do check for quality and DO NOT be fooled by cheap imitations.  

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Craft Storage -Solid Plain FabricsSilk Brocade Knitting Yarn, Ribbon and FiberTrims,Borders an Braids
Craft Storage -Solid Plain Fabrics

Silk Brocade

Knitting Yarn, Ribbon and Fiber

Trims,Borders an Braids


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Yazzii offers great cosmetic bags and jewellery organisers including jewellery storage, craft storage and craft organisers.