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Comments from our customers

Hi Yasmita
Just to let you know that I have never had an organiser as well made and flexible as those produced by your company.  I use them for knitting, embroidery, crotchet etc as well as to hold jewellery etc when I travel. My sister uses your designs to organise her quilting fabrics and equipment. The fabrics used make their use versatile in many different settings.  I have seen them in my workplace (hospital) used as a carry-all or organiser for portable equipment. I have even seen them used to construct a small 'survival kit'.  The fact that they are machine washable and dry very quickly also makes them desirable....who needs more work???
All of my friends that have seen me using these bags ask where they can get one and are very impressed with their quality.  The fabric range appeals across a wide age spectrum so the ways that they can be used be each age group is really only limited by your imagination.
They're great
Frances R 

The Yazzii mini is my new notions spot. I prefer it over my plastic box. It has a total of 6 zipper pockets, 5 of them windows.

The Yazzii large I am going to use for circs that aren’t part of any interchangeable set (which already come with their own). It is still mostly empty but it has enough space that I could take all the notions and put them in here with the needles instead. It has 6 pockets. (3 full size window pockets and 2 split in half window pockets…so I guess 7 window and 1 all fabric at the back of the bag.

Organising Circular Needle -You’re lucky, I’ve been looking at these for a few months, but unfortunately can’t find anything similar in the uk fishing shops! I’ve been met with some very strange looks. You’d think that it would be a universal type product, but no. Then I found the yazzii bags, but again, not available in the uk

Very sad over here.

Thank you very much for the good service - the bags arrived today.

Treas H

I'm loving using my Yazzii quilting and craft storage bags. Great to have all my quilting gear in one spot and very accessible.
Thanks Yazzii

Vaness Q.

Thank you for your prompt reply I received the item I ordered from you today. Thank you again for your excellent quality of service.

Muriel B

Hi, Thank you so much for the knitting pouch that I received this morning.

What a good idea to have it reversible.  I will try using it both ways. Perhaps I will try with the pockets on the outside first (so that the wool doesn’t get caught on hooks or scissors in the pockets).

I love the idea that I can either have the strap around my wrist or have the cord over my shoulder.

I will let you know my thoughts when I have used it.

Ellen McL  Springfield, PA 

 I have the Yazzii CarryAll and just love it!!!  I am a quilter and keep all my quilting notions in it - it's wonderful has a place for everything - I use it at home to keep my notions organized and I'm all set when I go on a retreat or to a class!!! 

It's such a fine quality product!

Again, I love your products, and have the double organizer and a couple thread organizers on my wish list for when I can afford the next purchase!!!



Just a quick hello to confirm by new bag arrived today and I am so excited and very grateful.  Thank you for such wonderful service and I look forward to keeping you posted. - 

Sheila M (Sydney)

Hi, I find the products very well designed and the quality is worth paying for. NB: Please look into making bags for bangles

Genie O.,  Katy, TX

Our bags arrived late yesterday afternoon.  We are “in love” with them as will our customers that ordered them.  I can’t thank you enough for your time and patience with me regarding the order.

Shari & I will make sure to come by the Yazzi booth at market this week and will probably see you again at festival.  We hope that it will be a fantastic show for you sales wise.

Thanks again for the fantastic bags.  

Sue Howie -   Indigo Niche Designs – Very satisfied customer

 I’ve been teaching for a number of years now and have finally found the perfect bag to hold all my teaching requirements for Sashiko.  Everything’s at my finger tips whilst teaching in class – once I’ve finished class – pack up and it’s stored for next time. There’s a perfect Yazzii Bag for whatever craft you do.  Compact, easy to carry, stylish and very very well made.   Yazzii – you’re on a winner.

 Geelong Sewing Centre - Robin Cobb - Owner

I have been using Yazzii Bags since I met Yasmita at her first trade show in 2002. I have taken at least one to every convention and class I have attended ever since.

When we set up Geelong Sewing Centre the Yazzii range was a must have, and our customers would agree that it was a good decision. 

The Mini Craft Organizer – Large, is usually the first purchase for my customers as we term it the “Class Sewing Kit Bag” and list it as a class requisite for Club Members, it is the perfect size for a sewing kit, so they never forget the essentials as they are “all in the bag”, once someone buys this bag the rest seem to follow as they discover a new bag for each of their interests.

Yasmita has put a lot of thought into her bags; they have been copied but have never been matched for quality. The range and colour selection ensures that there is a bag to suit everyone for any purpose. As a gift line they are superb. I love them and you will too! 

Alysha Stephenson - Satisfied Customer

 A few months ago I took part in a competition held by Creative Knitting magazine. The prizes were sets of your knitting bags and matching cases. I was lucky enough to win one, and would like to thank you for sponsoring the competition and providing the lovely prizes.

Both the knitting bag and needle case are of exceptional quality and both have pride of place in my knitting area!

I  will be sure to recommend your products to other knitters and crafters! 

Victorian Quilters INC / Jan Preston – Quilting Teacher

“I am a quilter & now a very organised one after the purchase of a selection of Yazzii Organiser Bags. The see-through compartments are great & I have set them up as project & teaching compacts. Its great to be able to pick them up & know that I have what I require in a light weight, good looking bag”.

Australian Online Craft Directory / Angie King - Director

Yazzii Craft Organisers - “What an innovative and brilliant idea! A crafter could not ask for more”.

Victorian Quilters INC / Robyn Falloon – Member

 “Preparation is important when I am travelling & teaching patchwork classes, so that everything I need is at my fingertips. If I cannot see what is in the pockets of my bags, I am always rummaging around searching for what I need. What a joy to find Yazzii Bags with the see-through pockets. There is a pocket to fit everything & they are so comfortable & easy to carry”. 

  Margaret – Satisfied Customer

 “During the class I took a look around the table & could see that at least one third of the class already were using the smaller “yazzii” organiser. The bags are lightweight, which is another added bonus, when we have so many things to carry to class. I have used my organiser for some time now and had no hesitation in buying the larger bags as soon as I saw them.”  


Yazzii offers great cosmetic bags and jewellery organisers including jewellery storage, craft storage and craft organisers.