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When it comes to organisational tips and tricks the internet is loaded with information that has dozens of ideas that don’t require you buy anything and loads of them that focus on the importance of having good jewellery bags and jewellery pouches.

The most important thing however is to truly respect the jewellery you own no matter how expensive or cheap it is and organise and display it where you can see it and find it easily.

Having things organised saves time when you’re getting ready each morning and planning outfits for special occasions. Follow these tips to organise your jewellery and make the most of your collection.

  1. Keep it simple

If you haven’t already done so, first shortlist your jewellery to clear out items that no longer excite you and you’re unlikely to wear them again. Lay them on the bed and look at it a few times and with utmost honesty segregate the things you no longer use.

  1. Keep similar items together

Separate your remaining jewellery into sub-categories, such as necklaces/earrings/bangles etc. and consider storing each of these groups in separate containers, jewellery pouches or jewellery organisers to make it easier to choose the perfect accessory.

  1. Invest in jewellery storage

Specialty jewellery storage trays and jewellery organisers are available online and in stores. I use a Double Petite Organiser by Yazzii, and I am extremely happy with the amount of storage it offers plus the fabric bag is very handy to carry around while travelling for both long and short distances. This organiser is extremely useful and can be used in many different places in and around the house. Alternatively you can use drawer dividers or sewing or tackle boxes for tiny items to keep them paired and in order.


  1. Personalise your storage

If you have the time and interest then you could consider making an attractive display of your favourite, often-worn items and enhance the décor of your room. Also, you can make and decorate your own jewellery storage container or jewellery organiser. I have decorated my Jewellery Roll from Yazzii with beads and sequins.



  1. Pill containers

Days of the week pill organizer can be used to separate rings and earrings on-the-go. You can use one you have at home or purchase from your local pharmacy for a few dollars.

  1. Cling Wrap

It is ideal for necklaces and you can prevent tangling by lying the items out on one piece of the “Press N Seal” style and pressing them together, making sure to give space between them. You can find it easily at the grocery store, but standard cling wrap will also work if you roll it.

  1. Jewellery rolls

Organize your items through zippered compartments and a large panel that folds over and ties to keep from getting tangled. Buy jewellery rolls online or make your own if you have the time. They take up very little room since they lie flat and are extremely useful during times of travel.




So take some effort and organise the jewellery you have so you can wear it more often …