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7 ways to organise your craft tools

A well-organized craft room is usually where magnificent craft projects come to life. Organizing your craft space can be very rewarding and therapeutic if done patiently and lovingly. Spend a few minutes in keeping everything in place and you will save valuable hours in future to do the things you love. The pleasure of finding everything in a jiffy will make you highly productive and you’ll enjoy your craft a bit more than usual.

The joy of finding everything at arm’s length is really something else. There are many space saving organizers you can use to organize your knitting items.

  • Pouches and Organizers – Depending on the size of your project you can get craft pouches, petite organisers, craft organisers, tool organisers, craft tote bags, needle organisers or crafters baskets.
  • Knitting Bag – Choose a knitting bag keeping in mind where and what you’re going to knit. Before you decide to carry your project with you, think carefully of the things you will need to protect your creation. You will need your knitting accessories, enough yarn and a good knitting bag to carry all your knitting items.
  • Craft Organizers – Separating your projects into multiple craft organizers will keep your suitcase and work area at home neat and tidy. It also means that you can easily grab a project without having to unpack and repack your knitting bag.
  • Knitting Accessories Bag – Use a good knitting accessories bag to keep your knitting tools organized. Try to organize your knitting in separate project bags. Yarn tends to tangle badly so throwing your projects in one bag can create a big mess.
  • Threading Bags – Apart from the big knitting bags you can get cool threading bags and quilting bags. Having crafts organizer in both mini and large size always comes in handy.
  • Tool Organiser – All passionate knitters must have a tool organiser to keep all things neat and safe.
  • Needle Case – If possible, choose a project that only requires one needle size. If you require many needles, consider a compact organizer that can store all your needles in one place.

The Yazzii range is comprised of multifunctional storage organizers that come in different shapes and sizes with pocket configurations that will meet all your needs. We design and manufacture creative, imaginative and multi-functional organizers that are ideal for quilters, crafters and sewing artists. We also have a wide range of organizers to store your jewellery and makeup on the go. Our bags come in 7 trendy colours and the fabric we use is exclusive and elegant. We give great attention to detail and have maintained our quality standards over the years.  Happy customers are the biggest guarantee to a good product and Yazzii customer testimonials and reviews across all platforms suggest that the bags our customers bought nearly 10 years ago are still going. Our zippers are still functional even after opening and closing it a thousand times. The convenient see-through panels are a hallmark of Yazzii organizers, and it’s one of our most loved features.

Listed below are few of our bestsellers in the tool storage category.

Tool Organiser – Large

Tool Organiser – Large


Polycotton fabric organiser with shoulder straps which has 6 see-through zippered compartments. Holds 84 tools, pens, pencils, brushes, markers or similar. In addition, two of the zippered see-through compartments holds 16 large or 20 small ink bottles or use them for paints. The compartments in the front and back of the bag easily organise embossing and perforating mats, the largest grid, vellum, projects in progress, books and patterns and of course scissors, tapes and glues, erasers and many other paper craft tools.



Tool Organiser – Medium

Tool Organiser – Medium



Polycotton quilted fabric. Holds 84 regular size tools plus 18 long tools or paint brushes. Includes, 4 zippered see-through compartments to hold scissors, tapes, glues, erasers etc.


Petite Organiser XL

Petite Organiser XL

This petite Quilted organizer XL has 4 see-through zippered pockets and a 12inch/30.5cms zippered fabric pocket. Alongside the pockets is a storage compartment for fabric, tools, threads etc. In addition, there is also added elasticized storage for your thread reels, small scissors, seam rippers and other small tools for easy access. With a zippered closure and a sturdy handle, this bag is a must. A multi-functional organizer that can also be used for toiletries, medication, cosmetics & jewellery.



The Universal Companion

There is no other Yazzii Bag that has all the options that this bag offers. There are 4 sleeves that consist of 28 pockets in total of different sizes including elasticized storage for your pens, pencils and other tools. We have increased the depth, width and length of this bag and the most unique point of difference in this bag is that it’s a centre fold so it can be laid open like a book on your table and everything you need for your classes will be in full view. This organiser holds your pattern books and much more and has an external pocket to keep your keys and or mobile phone handy. The secure strap is long enough to hang over your shoulder and be hands-free.

Mini Craft Organiser Petite


This petite organiser has 6 zippered compartments with see-through panels for storage of your smaller craft accessories. Ideal for scissors, needles, laying tools, thread, embellishment packs, and other small tools or accessories. A multi-functional organiser that can also be used for toiletries, medication, cosmetics & jewellery.



Quilters Project Bag


The Quilter’s Project Bag has a front external horizontal-zippered across the cover of the bag for your keys, phone and other personal items. Inside the bag there are four sleeves and total of 19 pockets, 18 of them see-through as well as a pen or tool storage section. The pockets are larger, with eight A5 pockets and four A4 pockets with other sizes to hold smaller tools and craft supplies.



Yazzii Machine Feet Organizer

The Yazzii Machine Feet Bag is the ultimate must have organiser for your sewing machine feet. Keep them organised, keep them tidy in this storage solution. The feet are stored in see-through pockets. The exterior of the bag also has a handy zippered pocket to store your tools.

Crafting, sewing, knitting or crocheting is something you do to calm and relax yourself. So, organise your work area and create the right kind of ambience and enjoy those moments of solitude and creativity……