About Yazzii

We are designers and manufacturers of
creative,imaginative and multi-functional organizers that are ideal for:


Jewelry Storage


Make-up Cosmetic Storage


Craft Storage

From elegant and exclusive to fashionable and trendy fabrics – we have a wide selection of products
that are functional and stylish and will appeal to women of any age!

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our attention to detail. We are constantly looking for new products that are multi-functional in their usage. Our designers have been involved in the entire manufacturing process to ensure that our quality standards are met.

The see-through panels are a hallmark of Yazzii organizers. The Yazzii range is comprised of Organizers of different shapes and sizes with pocket configurations that should meet all your needs.

Yazzii International is based in Melbourne, Australia. Our products are rapidly gaining recognition world-wide and are now available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK and Europe.


Over 50% of each
organiser made
by hand.


Domestic sewing
machines are used to
complete each bag.


The unique quilting is
done freehand and is
testament to our skills.