Impressive storage organizer bags with multiple dividers

If you’re a woman on the go and your life involves extensive travel be it for work, leisure or family commitments being organized is the key to happiness. We at Yazzii have many different styles of organizers that can store all your personal belongings like makeup, jewellery, crafts supply, travel essentials or just about anything you want to carry.

The Yazzii range is comprised of multifunctional storage organizers that come in different shapes and sizes with pocket configurations that will meet all your needs. We design and manufacture creative, imaginative and multi-functional organizers that are ideal for…

We also have a wide range of organizers to store your jewellery and makeup on the go. Our bags come in 7 trendy colours and the fabric we use is exclusive and elegant. We give great attention to detail and have maintained our quality standards over the years. The convenient see-through panels are a hallmark of Yazzii organizers, and it’s one of our most loved features. We take a lot of pride in making our bags by hand instead of machines, thus involving designers in the majority part of the manufacturing process and increasing precision and innovation in our designs.

Deluxe Jewellery Storage Organiser

This bag is perfect if you’re going for a wedding or a long trip. You will probably have lots of outfits in different styles to flaunt around at the various functions and places. This Double sectioned jewellery organiser is a bestseller which will help you organise all your jewellery and other accessories in one place. The upper section has a total of 10 pockets and the lower section offers 5 pockets. It also provides you with a bracelet/watch roll. The space and size of pockets are very generous, and it is perfect for all your valuable jewellery.  It’s perfect to keep all your valuable jewellery safe and secure.



Compact jewellery / Make up Organiser 

This stylish organiser is truly multi-functional. It is an ideal organiser to store your jewellery, accessories, make-up etc and makes a great travel companion. For trips that are short and quick you can carry a few studs, hoops, dangle earrings, pendants, bracelets and a watch which will offer variety and you can mix and match the styles with your different outfits and look like a million dollar. You can carry these in a compact organiser or convenient 3PC pouches which always has some room for makeup on the go.

Most of the bags we offer are multifunctional and it can be used for variety of purposes including storing jewellery, make up, daily essentials, craft, art related materials, sewing essentials etc. You can personalise our bags by adding a cover or front panel in your choice of design and work. Beautiful hand embroideries can be done on the organizers helping you to make a style statement that’s unique.

The Quilter’s Project Bag 

This bag has a front external horizontal-zippered pocket across the cover of the bag for your keys, phone and other personal items. Inside the bag there are four sleeves and total of 19 pockets out of which 18 are see-through. It also has a pen or tool storage section. The pockets are larger, with eight A5 pockets and four A4 pockets with other sizes to hold smaller tools and craft supplies. It has a quilted finish and comes with long handles to carry over your shoulder.

We have great organizers that can store expensive and sentimental jewellery. You can neatly place all your makeup essentials in compact organizers and take them with you. We also have an enormous range to store all your knitting, crochet, quilting and craft supplies.


The Premium Knitting Bag

This is one of our most innovative knitting bags. It has three separate storage areas. The front section has a larger zippered section which opens to a storage area and 5 zippered see-through pockets to keep your circular and interchangeable needles or crochet hooks. There is also an external zippered pocket that runs horizontally to store straight knitting needles. The large main section has six separate pockets to organise various yarns. It also has a large storage section in the middle to carry your knitting project which is very helpful. It has a comfortable crossed carry handles for perfect balance and the quilted finish looks great. This bag is designed for knitters, by knitters and has room for everything you need making your future projects even more enjoyable.

Apart from the big knitting bags we also have some cool threading bags and quilting bags. If you knit very often and go for long trips, then the Yazzii Carry All will help you in keeping everything intact.

You can really get organized with this ultimate craft storage bag.  There are 20 see-through zippered pockets of various sizes to hold all your craft accessories, with enough additional space for unfinished projects and a 12 by 18 quilt mat board. With its size and many compartments, the Yazzii Carry All really is for every crafter. It doesn’t matter what craft or project you work on it will be easier with this ultimate craft storage organizer that can be carried around easily.

The Universal Companion is also a top favourite amongst crafters. This bag is big and includes 4 sleeves that consist of 28 pockets of different sizes including elasticized storage for pens, pencils, crochet hooks and other tools. With increased depth, width and length, you could open this bag from the centre like a book, allowing easy access to everything. With see-through pockets everything will be easy to find making it perfect for classes or travelling. It also had an external pocket to keep your keys or mobile phone handy.

We have craft organizers in both mini and large sizes to suit everyone’s requirement. We have an impressive range of tool organizers for all passionate knitters who usually hold a lot of supplies and need a place to keep all their delicate items neatly. We also a wide range of compact organisers to carry smaller items safely.

Travel Wallet 

This fold up wallet is ideal for storing small jewellery items while travelling. You can carry your credit cards, small change etc in their secure zippered section. Most people carry makeup and medication in them as it fits perfectly in their handbag.






Compact Craft Organiser

This is a wonderful organiser for carrying your small craft projects such as applique and beadwork. This compact organiser can also be used for make-up and jewellery.






Knitting Needle Case

You can carry your needles in style in this quilted roll style organiser which has 12 pockets for larger needles and 8 for shorter needles and crochet hooks. The bag also has 2 additional see-through pockets for circular needles or other accessories. The larger needles are protected with a fabric flap. The case has a three-way fold with a velcro closure.







Trinket Fold-up Case

An excellent idea to store your small craft notions or jewellery. There are 6 clear see-through pleated pockets. The pleats allow for expansion to hold bulkier notions or larger earrings. Both rows are zippered for security. There is a generous Velcro Tab closure. Great little storage case to organise the little things and carry in your handbag or a larger Yazzii bag.





Crochet Hook Organiser

Finally, a total solution for all your crochet hooks, smaller accessories, patterns and some area to store threads as well. There are ample of slots for your collection of crochet hooks and there is a fabric flap that covers your hooks for extra protection.







Project Pouch 

This multifunctional small pouch has 7 pockets – five of these have see-through plastic for viewing and quick retrieval of your craft supplies! The plastic is gusseted so that it will comfortably stretch to take larger items. The organiser can be folded with a generous Velcro strip to keep its contents secure. This is a great pouch for small projects.





Sewing Machine Feet Org

The Yazzii Machine Feet Bag is the ultimate must have organiser for your sewing machine feet. Keep them organised and tidy in this storage solution. The feet are stored in see-through pockets and the exterior of the bag also has a handy zippered pocket to store your tools.






Multi-Purpose Craft Organizer

This multi-purpose organizer has 7 see-through zippered compartments and a zippered external pocket. You can use it as a thread organizer or to hold your notions and craft supplies for classes and retreats. Included in this bag is a separate zippered clear pouch to carry your books, patterns or fabric blocks.






Trifold Project Case

This innovative bag was designed for smaller projects e.g. embroidery, needlework etc. It has 7 pockets – 5 of them are zippered and see-through. This trifold project case has a Velcro closure.









Thread Organiser

A classic clutch style organiser with 4 gusseted and zippered see through pockets. View and access your colourful thread collection with ease in this practical and functional thread storage case. It is secured by a Velcro strap and elastic straps in the middle provides a way to hold your scissors, tools or pens. It can hold approx. 48 to 50 spools of thread depending on the size. A perfect solution to carry your threads to a class, retreat or home storage.

While some may prefer backpacks and hardcase trolley bags for travelling some might like the convenience of a light bag that looks chic. Our trendy Tote Bag can be put to multiple use. Apart from using it to carry your knitting supplies you could occasionally use it as your carry-on travel bag because it has lots of space to carry all your travel bag essentials.


Our Crafters Basket is irresistible and looks very attractive. It has multiple pockets to store different yarns, needles and other bit and pieces. It offers a perfect balance of style and comfort and you can occasionally carry it to the beach or poolside with your sunscreen, moisturizer, sunglasses, water bottle, light snacks and a small mat.


One of the top complaints that’s users have regarding travel bags is that they have the inability to use their bags in a variety of situation. But that is clearly taken care of when you browse through the range of bags and organizers that Yazzii offers. All our designs offer versatility and flexibility and you can easily shuffle between light loads and long adventurous.

All Yazzii bags are made from the highest quality of materials and aim at maintaining the highest standards. Yazzii International is based in Melbourne, Australia. Our products have gained rapid recognition world-wide and we are available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Europe and South Africa. Domestic sewing machines are used to complete every bag. The unique quilting is done freehand, and we pay great attention to detail. Over 50% of each organiser is made by hand. We constantly work with designers and quilters to come up with designs and products that suits everyone’s needs.

No doubt Yazzii bags have become popular all over the world and people love and appreciate them so much. In addition to our regular range of bags we have a specialty line of bags designed for quilters Sue Spargo and Jinny Beyer.

So, if you have a trip coming up or maybe decluttering has been on your mind for ages, give these organizers a try and you will be hooked for life. After all organization isn’t about achieving perfection it’s about embracing efficiency. It will calm your soul and reduce your stress. You will gain precious time that can be used for doing things that bring you joy and happiness and help you live the life of your dreams. Let’s aim for a life which has a place for everything and everything in its place…