Inspirations to jazz up your fabric bags and organisers

As an avid crafter I am in love with all things to do with craft. My craft room is my heaven where the most brilliant and beautiful ideas take shape. My mother always told me “If your passionate about something inspiration will find you, and magical things will take shape”.

Over the years I have made some exceptionally beautiful pieces of art that I am proud of.
My friends and family have loved and adored my creations and that gives me… immense satisfaction as an artist.

One of my most beautiful pieces is a wonderful fabric bag from Yazzii which I decorated and designed with a lot of love. The beauty of Yazzii bags is that it has a flat quilted surface which allows artists like me to create personalised masterpieces.

I would like to share with you some of the most wonderful creations by various crafters around that world using Yazzii bags and organisers. Their designs are amazing and the way they have jazzed up their fabric bags and organisers is breath-taking.

All the Below Inspirations can be found at

  • Cover up using felt on a Yazzii organizer petite CA305
  • Cover up using felt by creative customer on a Yazzii CA10
  • Japanese Bora cover up by Indigo Niche on Yazzii CA474
  • Abstract art Yazzii Bag cover up by Cathie Griffith
  • Yazzii Bags personalized by Kerry-Anne-Burrows !
  • Cover up by Craftmingo
  • Flamingo cover up on a Yazzii Bag by a creative customer
  • Floral cover up by our creative customer Cathie Griffith on a Yazzii Bag
  • Yazzii cover up using 6 inches by 6-inch squares by Sue Spargo’s work and designs.
  • Yazzii cover up using 6 inches by 6-inch squares by Sue Spargo work and designs.
  • Cover up on a Yazzii Craft Box CA474 by Lilabellelane
  • A cute embellished cover up on Yazzii CA625 by Sue Spargo
  • Embellished Yazzii Oval Sewing Box CA305 using a beautiful doily made by Karen Reed.
  • Top of Form
  • You will love the diamond pattern cover up on Yazzii Bag by Fanny Eikelenboom.
  • You can try this lovely butterfly patterns on Yazzii Bag by Cathie Griffith.
  • Embellished Bag by Quilt Joy
  • The colours and patterns on this Yazzii Bag by Quilt Joy is absolutely amazing.
  • Yazzii CA625 embellished by our favourite Sue Spargo
  • Yazzii CA625 embellished with floral pattern by West Coast Wool
  • Yazzii CA14 embellished by Terris Wanson.
  • Intricate machine embroidery by Donna Cagle, using Janet.
  • Cover up on a Yazzii Craft Bag by Sandra Karremans
  • Check out the bow on the handle made from a measuring tape.
  • A beautiful cover up by Judy Ballance.
  • Cover up made using felt
  • You will absolutely love this cover up design and the colours on CA14.
  • This cover-up design and the colour are extraordinary and beautifully embellished by @ outofhandyyc.
  • Beautiful coverup by Leesa Chandler on a Yazzii CA305 – Oval Sewing Box
  • Machine Embroidery designs by Leanne Church.
  • Intricate Machine Embroidery cover-up on a Yazzii CA474 by Leanne Church
  • You will absolutely love how Leanne Church has personalized her oval Yazzii bag .
  • Cute cover up ideas by Inge Borg for her Yazzii Bags
  • Personalised cover up on a Yazzii CA10 by Inge Borg.
  • Beautiful cover up on a Yazzii CA474. Personalized by Inge Borg
  • Embellishment using hexagons on a Yazzii Bag by Inge Borg.
  • Yazzii CA14, CA230 & CA120 cover-up made using wool and felt. A creative coverup by @colleenglishill.
  • Yazzii CA10 by Leesa Chandler Designs (@leesachandler)

  • CA10-Petite Craft Organiser embellishment by Wendy Williams
  • CA245-Ergonomic Crochet Hook Org from @quiltbites, Netherlands!
  • CA120 – Yazzii Carry All from @quiltbites Netherlands!
  • CA58 – Yazzii Supreme Organiser by @quiltbites Netherlands!
  • CA10 – Petite Craft Organiser by @meghawkey1 (USA)
  • CA880 – Quilters Project Bag from Quiltbites (Netherlands)
  • Creative Coverup by *Happy Customer* CA120 – Yazzii Carry All by @gail.mendiola!
  • CA230-Crafters Companion – Designed by @suespargo
  • CA16 – Double Deluxe Craft Organiser by Gai Taylor (Australia)
  • CA305 – Oval Sewing Box by Gail Pan Designs @gailpandesigns
  • CA10 – Petite Craft Organiser by Theresa H – Happy Customer.
  • CA14 – Mini Craft Organiser Large – Theresa H – Happy Customer
  • CA305- Oval Craft – Creative Coverup by Gail Pan (Australia)
  • CA305 – Oval Sewing Box by by Helen Stubbings (Australia)
  • CA14 – Mini Craft by Helen Stubbings (Australia)
  • CA58 – Yazzii Creative Coverup by *Happy Customer*
  • CA230 – Crafters Companion -Creative Cover-Up by Anne H
  • Creative Cover Coverup by Gai Taylor.
  • Variety of Yazzii Craft Storage Bags by @gaijtaylor on Yazzii
  • Creative Coverup by Gai Taylor (Australia)
  • CA305 – Amazing Wool Felt Embroidery by @gaijtaylor
  • CA230 – Crafters Companion – Creative Coverup by *Happy Customer*
  • CA140 – Oval Craft Bag – Chenille monogram
  • CA14 – Mini Craft gets a creative Coverup by Wendy’s Quilts and More (New Zealand)
  • CA16 – Double Deluxe Organiser – Fresh Cut Sewing Box by Sue Spargo (USA)
  • CA230 – Crafters Companion – Creative Coverup by Meg Hawkey (USA)
  • LaPassacaglia Rosette – Mary SJ from Michigan
  • Mary SJ from Michigan draws her inspiration on this amazing organiser.
  • CA474 – Craft Box – Fabric Creative Coverup by Paula Storm Designs (Australia)
  • CA474 – Craft Box – Fabric Top Creative Coverup by Gai Taylor (Australia)
  • CA120 – Yazzii Carry All – Creative Coverup by Jennifer Corkish (Australia)
  • CA230 – Crafters Companion by Meghawkey
  • CA215 and CA216 – Creative Coverup by Rusty Crow Designs (USA)
  • Creative Coverup by Sue Howie- Indigo Niche
  • CA474 – Yazzii Craft Creative Coverup by Sue Howie (Australia)
  • Creative Coverup by *Happy Customer*
  • CA255 – Accessory and ID Pouch
  • CA14 – Mini Craft Organiser Large.
  • Creative Coverup by QB Fabrics (Netherlands)
  • CA255 Accessory and ID Pouch
  • Creative Coverup by Kerry Green (USA)
  • CA14 – Mini Craft Organiser Large by Jan Kerton
  • Another beautiful cover up by a happy customer.
  • An embellished Travel Wallet
  • CA346 – Craft Wallet –
  • Beautiful embellishment by Gai Taylor

All these wonderful designs are a sure shot inspiration to all the crafters around the world to pick up their plain fabric bags and organisers and get creative using all the bit and pieces of scrapes that they may have lying around. For the highly enthusiastic ones the craft supplies you have should do the trick. You can try one of the designs above or perhaps even mix and match the styles and come up with something totally unique and outstanding.

Yazzii has a variety of travel bags and organisers that you can choose from. Apart from the big knitting bags they have cool threading bags and quilting bags. They have craft organizers in both mini and large sizes to suit everyone’s requirement. They have an impressive range of tool organizers for all passionate knitters who usually hold a lot of supplies and need a place to keep all their delicate items neatly.

If you knit very often and go for long trips, then the Yazzii Carry All will help you in keeping everything intact. Their trendy Tote Bag can be put to multiple use. Apart from using it to carry your knitting supplies you could occasionally use it as your carry-on travel bag because it has lots of space to carry all your travel bag essentials.

Their Crafters Basket is irresistible and looks very attractive. It has multiple pockets to store different yarns, needles and other bit and pieces. It offers a perfect balance of style and comfort and you can occasionally carry it to the beach or poolside with your sunscreen, moisturizer, sunglasses, water bottle, light snacks and a small mat.

One of the top complaints that’s users have regarding travel bags is that they have the inability to use their bags in a variety of situation. But that is clearly taken care of when you browse through the range of bags and organizers that Yazzii offers. All their designs offer versatility and flexibility and you can easily shuffle between light loads and long adventurous.

All Yazzii bags are made from the highest quality of materials and aim at maintaining the highest standards. Yazzii International is based in Melbourne, Australia. Their products have gained rapid recognition world-wide and they are available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Europe and South Africa. Domestic sewing machines are used to complete every bag. The unique quilting is done freehand, and they pay great attention to detail. Over 50% of each organiser is made by hand. They constantly work with designers and quilters to come up with designs and products that suits everyone’s needs.

Organization isn’t about achieving perfection it’s about embracing efficiency. It will calm your soul and reduce your stress. You will gain precious time that can be used for doing things that bring you joy and happiness. So, if you have a trip coming up or maybe decluttering has been on your mind for ages, give these organizers a try and you will be hooked for life. Personalise them with your unique designs and you’re bound to turn heads and receive compliments that will satisfy your soul….