Secret travel tips from a professional makeup artist

Anyone who has traveled with makeup or cosmetic even smaller ones for personal use knows the potential problems that come during travelling with makeup. Powders turn to dust, foundations mysteriously leak half their contents, and the bristles of your favorite brushes look like dish washing scrubs in no time. Hence it is essential that you know how to prep and pack your kit!

You can either choose a makeup bag or makeup case. There are many makeup organisers also available in variety of colors designs and materials. Personally, I have always used a makeup bag. I find it far easier to pack and travel with simple straight forward make up bags for both local and… long-distance travel jobs.

4 Pocket Organizer

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This must have makeup organizer comes with 4 individual detachable pockets which are zippered and has a see-through panel which is very convenient. Even though it’s made of cloth this makeup bag stands on its own and you can lift the pouches and make them stand upright while choosing and using your makeup essentials. You can pack your brushes, lipsticks, eye makeup and facial creams in a compact space and still access it easily because of the detachable pockets.

Some people prefer metal cases or rolling cases. But you will find it easiest to navigate an airport if you have your kit in a carry-on or in your checked baggage. Before your next upcoming travel plan decide whether you will carry on or check in. I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to the essentials to do my job, so I never check in my makeup. I like to carry basic makeup for myself to refresh at airports and in between flights. I always carry a moisturizer, compact, lipstick, eye pencil and a lip balm in my Yazzii 3Pc Pouch.

One of the most important factors when traveling with makeup is organization. I recommend reusable makeup bags. These squares and rectangles perfectly hold the product, minimizing the size of the kit and making it perfect for travel. If you do not have these or do not care to invest in them, a Ziploc bag will do the trick.

These bags come in different sizes and give flexibility to categorize all the makeup essentials and skin care stuff along with full size toiletries which fits easily in the big bag.  It’s easy to see exactly what is in them and they stand on a shelf for easy access. The only drawback for me was that it took a lot of space in my suitcase while travelling. I found myself hoarding a whole lot of extra things that could be avoided.

To ensure the safety of your compacts, cushion each one with a powder puff or thick cotton rounds. This little shock absorber will shield your powder blushes and foundations from the excessive shocks that cause breakage.

If you keep your brushes in a roll, they will be safe and secure. I use a jewellery roll from Yazzii which doubles up Image result for yazzii jewellery rollas a mini foldable cosmetic bag and jewellery organiser. Much of what we carry will be just fine for travel, checked or carry-on. It just never hurts to use a little more care with the products that are particularly tricky like liquid and cream foundations and pressed powders.

Keep it basic and minimize your products. To cut down on the excess for travel, consider multi-use products, like lip and cheek stains. Try putting cream products foundations and lipsticks into palettes and take only a few liquid foundations.

Travelling with makeup can be exciting, but don’t let improper packing of your makeup dampen the journey.