Do you see wonderful craft/jewellery/makeup storage and just wonder how extravagant it looks?

Undoubtedly, you’re looking at a Yazzii product. We at Yazzii take utmost pride in our line of products. Our experienced designers and manufacturers create the most artistic, imaginative and multi-purpose organizers. Since 2001, we have been serving the latest products to people worldwide while appearing at various trade shows and exhibitions for 19 years now. YAZZII has been known for their travel bags in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Australia, etc. The brand is also well recognized for its makeup organizers in Europe because of the exhibitions and fairs conducted by them.


Since the YAZZII products are made by hand by experts individually, the quilting on each product is unique and distinct. These jewellery bags and pouches are 50% made by hand, therefore, the YAZZII products are distinctive and unmatchable. Due to unique quilting, no two YAZZII products can be exactly the same. Also, these handcrafted products are desirable among the modern crowd.

Products: All Yazzii craft or jewellery bag pattern is unique because of its exclusive quilting namely the Oval Craft Bag, Yazzii Craft Box Fabric Top, etc.



The YAZZII products are over 50% made by hand. This makes them unique and different from the rest. Personal attention is given to each organizer so that the final product is exclusive and one of a kind. Experts make the bags mostly by hand, which is what makes each and every jewellery travel bag pattern exclusive and exceptional.

Products: All Yazzii craft or jewellery bags and pouches like Trinket Fold-up case, 4 Pocket Organizer, etc. are about 50% made by hand.


You are going to make many heads turn by carrying these YAZZII masterpieces. The outstanding quality of our products make people glance for the second time for sure. Don’t be surprised if strangers are coming to you to ask about your jewellery roll bag during your travel expedition.

We use domestic sewing machines to complete each of our YAZZII jewellery travel bag pattern. These machines make sure that the stitches are completely symmetrical and neat. The quilted fabric used on the bag has spick-and-span stitches which makes the entire look tidy.

Products: All products like the Yazzii Supreme Organizer, Crafters Companion, Accessory and ID case, etc. have a high-quality standard which makes it stand out in class.


Wonderful organizers for your craft, jewellery and makeup are available with YAZZII. No more searching for a particular colour sewing thread or needles or medicines also actually. This is because YAZZII organizers keep all your little things so well organized in small separate pockets and pouches with see-through panels that you just have to open the organizer, see where it is kept, open the pouch and grab what you need. This is done without entanglement or misplacement of any item. You don’t have to waste money to buy lost items again and again because now they will never be missing because of these useful organizers. Thus, you can keep all your artificial jewellery and travel bag accessories at one place.

Products: The Yazzii Deluxe Jewellery Storage has in all 15 pockets and a bracelet/watch roll as well. Hence, all types of your travel bag accessories can fit in this grand organizer.


Every YAZZII bag has multiple pockets and zippers so that each and every item of yours can be kept separately. So for instance, you have makeup, jewellery, medicines, etc. with you. You can keep the medicines in one zipper, makeup items like foundation, face creams, lipsticks, etc. in the other zipper and neckpieces or earrings in the subsequent pocket. In this way, your things do not get jumbled up and at the same time, all of your stuff remains in one particular organizer bag. Due to this, you do not have to carry different pouches or separate bags for each and every small thing as you can keep it all together yet separate them systematically.

Products: The Yazzii Jewellery Roll – Large has a jewellery travel bag pattern with 15 pockets. You can keep all your real or artificial jewellery separately in these multiple pouches.


The Yazzii bags are available in so many colour variants that you have a large number of shades to choose from. They are usually available in pinks, blues, greens, reds, etc. Also, the organizers are available in various prints of different types. You don’t have to ever settle for less or for a colour that you don’t like, because you can anytime choose and buy any other colour. There are varieties of prints to choose from namely floral print, block print, etc. These colour and print variants make the jewellery bags and pouches so attractive and likeable that we are sure you are going to be asked about it by anybody you meet.

Products: Almost all our craft and jewellery bags and pouches namely Yazzii Carry-All, Quilters Project Bag, Deluxe Jewellery Storage Organizer, etc. are available in about eight colours.



Yes! You can use the same jewellery bags and pouches in different way. As sometimes you can fill the entire organizer with artificial jewellery, whereas, other times you can take out one pouch out of your bag and use it singularly depending upon your jewellery travel bag pattern. It is so useful and can be used in so many ways as you can keep all your makeup travel bag essentials in one big organizer without having to use different bags for each and every item.

Products: Maxie Yazzii is a multi-functional organizer to keep all you knitting accessories in one single bag.


These organizers come with pockets with see-through panels. These panels help you to see through it the things that are kept inside. So you don’t have to open each pocket or zipper and see what is inside and waste time searching for stuff. You just have to take the pouch, see what is kept inside, be it jewellery or cosmetics and open the zipper in which whatever you want is kept.

Products: The Yazzii makeup organizer containers have see-through panels that help you to find the products that you are looking for easily and efficiently.



Since the specialists make these bags with complete care and devotion; there is attention to detail in making every organizer. Every feature like the zipper, the quilted fabric, etc. of the organizer is made with full concentration. Each and every nook and corner of these jewellery bags and pouches are beheld and observed to avoid any threads coming out or shabbiness of any kind.

Products: The jewellery travel bag pattern of all Yazzii products like 3 Piece Pouch Set – Large, Mini Jewel/Makeup Organizer – Petite, etc. are well-ordered and flawless because of the attention to detail by the experts.



YAZZII calls for addiction! When every person on your travel adventures would notice your extravagant and luxurious costume jewellery and bags, you sure become addicted to the brand. You will definitely not be able to settle for any other. Loyal customers come again and again due to the high quality and unique design of these wonderful bags.

Products: The Yazzii Oval Jewel/Makeup Box is so appealing and alluring to look at. Also, the small Makeup Pouch by Yazzii is instantly likeable due to its fascinating design.