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Best Fabric Bags For Home And Travel

How many of you have ever hunted for a missing earring or repeated the same jewellery because it was much easier than finding the matching necklace that you were looking for? When was the last time you had to manage with a shade of lipstick not of your liking, only because the same was not traceable, although you were dead sure you had put in in your cosmetic bag – which is eternally in chaos! Remember the disappointment when you had to postpone initiating a hobby idea as the key tool goes missing?

Every time this happens, we promise ourselves to tidy up our clutter only to delay it for a future appropriate time. Well “Life’s like that” for most of us, but it only needs a little bit of organizing and de-cluttering to get things in order. Being organized not only reduces… the stress factor but also gives you that extra time which can be put to accomplish things close to your heart.

In today’s busy, fast paced times, when you are always on the go, being organized goes a long way in leading a more relaxed & happier life. Most of the times, one will be surprised how unprepared we are when the day of our scheduled travel looms in front of us leading to anxiety and tension. So, whether you are on that long planned vacations or on a professional tour, the right kind of storage bags ensures that you are enjoying the trip rather than being anxious every time you open your luggage and are unable to locate stuff when you actually need them. Zeroing in on the right kind of bag to suit your needs is critical to ensure that all your stuff and accessories are at your disposal anytime even if you are on the move

Yazzii’s has range of bags to suit all kinds of individuals and needs. So whether you want to organise your quilting or craft supplies, your knitting accessories, your jewellery and make up essentials or just your personal belongings, we have one for all! Each of our bags are manufactured in India and are classified as Hand – Crafted. They are fairly traded, and we meet the highest of quality standards. The precise reason why we are so much loved by our customers across the world.

At Yazzii, we pride ourselves at the quality of our products and our attention to detail. We are constantly looking for new products that are multi-functional in their usage Most of the bags are multi – functional and can be used for a variety of purposes including storing jewellery, makeup, daily essentials, craft and art related materials, sewing essentials etc. One of the standout features of Yazzii’s are our zippers which are of the highest quality and gives you a smooth experience, even after opening and closing for more than thousand times! Another of our most loved and convenient feature are the see – through panels which makes getting to the stuff you need, very easy and non- stressful.

The Yazzii range is comprised of multi – functional travel bags / organisers that come in various shapes and sizes with pocket configurations that will meet all your needs. We have a very wide array of organisers to suit the needs of individuals who are always on the go and have the affinity to easy access to their stuff whether they are at home or when they are travelling. These fabric organisers are particularly handy to organize jewellery, make up, travel accessories and toiletries. We give great attention to detail and have maintained our quality standards over the years. At the last California Road Show, we were over awed at the feedback and love we received from users of Yazzii bags, patrons who had come for a repeat purchase.

Yazzii bags are very trendy and chic, but nothing can beat the sheer comfort to the mind that they provide, owing to the multiple storage options that they provide for our essentials while travelling. Apart from the select few mentioned above You may choose the perfect fit from a myriad of options available at our online store. Although our range of bags s huge there are a few which have always been best sellers, wowing customers over the years.

Here are our bestsellers:

Crafters Companion

The Crafter’s Companion

This bag is really something very special – designed specifically for the craft enthusiast. A true companion, this organizer easily holds A4 sized patterns or magazines, paper and even books. It includes 4 sleeves with Yazzii’s special see through panels and a total of 16 pockets in various sizes to address all needs. It even has a great elasticised storage band for up to 16 paint brushes, pens, pencils, crochet hooks etc. And of course, it all zips up securely and has handles that are comfortable and can take your craft with you wherever you go.



Yazzii Carry All

The Yazzii Carry All 

This one is a crafter’s dream! You can get really organised with this ultimate storage bag. There are 20 see through zippered pockets of various sizes to hold all craft accessories, with enough additional space for unfinished projects and a 12 by 18 quilt mat board. With its size and many compartments, the Yazzii Carry All really is for every craft enthusiast – no matter what the craft and the project undertaken will be easier with this ultimate craft storage organizer.

_________________Deluxe Jewellery Storage Organizer

Deluxe Jewellery Storage

This is one of our most popular bags and we have been receiving quite a lot of positive feedback on the same from our users. It’s a novel double sectioned jewellery organizer from our best seller segment. It really helps you organise all your jewellery and other accessories in one place. The upper section of this high utility product has a total of 10 pockets and the lower section has 5 pockets. The lower section also has a special roll for keeping your bracelets and watches safely tucked away. As usual the pockets of this organiser are of generous size with ample space for use. It is of terrific use for trips, especially for women on the go to keep all their valuable jewellery and watches literally at their arm’s length! It is also a perfect gifting idea to your loved ones on special occasions!


4 Pocket Organiser

4 Pocket Organiser with Detachable Pockets

This bag from Yazzii is one of the prettiest and very handy too. This is a must have make up organizer and comes with 4 individual detachable pockets which are zippered and also have a see-through panel which is very convenient. Even though it is made of cloth this make up bag stands on its own and you can lift the pouches and make them stand upright while choosing and using your make up essentials, you can easily pack all your brushes. Lipsticks, eye make us and facial creams in this very compact space and still access it easily because of the detachable pockets.


Jewel/Makeup Oval Organizer

Jewel / Make up Oval Organiser

One of our most popular products for gifting, this organiser is ideal for storing all your make up products and cosmetics. It also can be used effectively to store your jewellery as well or, combination of both. The key feature of course is the see – through pockets and the ever-dependable high quality zippers. This Jewellery / make up organiser is perfect for carrying while you are travelling because of its convenient design.


Mini Craft Organiser Large

Mini Craft Organiser Large

Just as the name suggests, this Mini Craft Organiser is ideal to carry all the relevant needs for your small Craft project. It is very handy and convenient to carry. This organiser has 8 zippered compartments complete with Yazzii’s much-loved see-through panels which are perfect to store all yu small accessories. This multi-functional organiser also comes in seven striking and attractive colours and can be very easily utilized for storing / carrying your toiletries, medication and cosmetics. It helps for long lasting and better storage of products, thus increasing the shelf life of all your essentials. Also, multi storage organisers are always a welcome addition to your luggage, whether for a short trip or a long vacation.


  Knitting Bag Premium

The Premium Knitting Bag

This is our most innovative knitting bag. It has three separate storage areas. The front section has a larger zippered section which opens to a storage area and 5 zippered see-through pockets for your circular and interchangeable needles or crochet hooks. There is also an external zippered pocket that runs horizontally for your straight knitting needles. The large main section has six separate pockets to organise various yarn and there is also a large storage section to carry your knitting project. With comfortable crossed carry handles for perfect balance the Premium Knitting Bag comes with a quilted finish that looks great wherever you take it. This bag was designed for knitters, by knitters and developed to be versatile and have room for everything you need, making your future projects even more enjoyable.


Petite Organiser XL

Petite Organiser XL

This petite Quilted organizer XL has 4 see-through zippered pockets and a 12inch/30.5cms zippered fabric pocket. Alongside the pockets is a storage compartment perfect for holding fabric, tools, thread etc. In addition, there is also added elasticized storage for your thread reels, small scissors, seam rippers and other small tools for easy access. This elasticised section also ensures that the accessories remain securely in place. This multi-functional organizer can also be used for toiletries, medication, cosmetics & jewellery. As many of our other products this Petite Organizer XL is also an ideal gifting option amongst our patrons across the world.


The Universal Companion

The Universal Companion

This is our largest bag and includes 4 sleeves that consist of 28 pockets of different sizes including elasticized storage for pens, pencils, crochet hooks or other tools. There is no other Yazzii Bag that offers all the options that this one does. With increased depth, width and length, it can be opened from the centre like a book, allowing easy access to everything and with the see-through pockets everything is easy to find making it perfect to take to classes or to take your craft travelling with you. There is even an external pocket to keep your keys or mobile phone handy


We at Yazzii’s give special attention to create bags that are very useful yet very trendy and chic. Out fabric bags also have one attractive feature. One can personalize these bags by adding a cover or a front panel of their choice of design and work. Besides, beautiful hand embroideries can also be done on these organisers helping you make your unique style statement. We at Yazzii also take great pride in making our bags by hang instead of machines, thus involving our talented designers in major part of the manufacturing process thus, increasing the precision and innovations in the designs.

At Yazzii we pay great attention to detail. And that is precisely the reason why even though our unique quilting is done freehand it is of top – notch quality. We understand the needs and requirements of our customers and co-ordinate with our designers and quilters to come up with unique and attractive designs and products.

Our exuberance and our passion for people and design is responsible for our bags being loved so much across the world. Over the years we have time and again proven our commitment and hard work and the result is thousands of happy and satisfied customers, who in turn are our real brand ambassadors.

They say good things come in small packages and multi storage organisers are the small packages everyone needs to store the good things in the best possible way! Yazzii bags are the perfect companion for individuals who prefer organized storing and packing, so what are you waiting for? Just choose the ones that fit your requirements and let go!!!