Whether you’re a minimalist packer or someone who goes often for trips and excursions. Good organizers are the ultimate travel accessories that you should have and be extremely wise while purchasing them and make sure they have all the features you need.

Like all passionate travellers I did indulge in big and bulky makeup organizers and jewelry organizers but later found them more of a hindrance than convenience because of the amount of space they took in my small backpack or suitcase.

A chance visit to the California Road Show in Sydney introduced me to the world of Yazzii bags. They specialize in good quality fabric organizers and most of their bags come in 7 vibrant colours. I really liked the look and feel of them, so I tried to play safe like most smart buyers do and bought just one which was called the Mini Jewel / Makeup Organizer – Petite  for my frequent short trips.




After just one month of usage I was convinced that I had made a right choice and quickly jumped online and bought a Mini Craft organizer Petite  for my elder sisters’ birthday. This petite organizer come with 6 zippered compartments with see-through panels for storage of your smaller craft accessories. Ideal for scissors, needles, laying tools, thread, embellishment packs, and other small tools or accessories. A multi-functional organizer that can also be used for toiletries, medication, cosmetics & jewelry.




I started off with the clear cases and graduated to Yazzii organizers which I find highly convenient for many reasons.

They take up less room in your baggage

The hardcase styles are rigid and have corners that can only fit in specific areas of your baggage. This doesn’t leave much room for flexibility and regardless of the amount of stuff your carrying in them they still take the same amount of space. Fabric bags give you the comfort of smart compartmentalisation and they magically fit in anywhere in any kind of baggage and you can use the space that is necessary and rest can be folded or compressed to fit in other items such are clothing or toiletries.

You can fit more things in them

In my personal experience I have realised that I can fit in a lot more in fabric organizers than any other style specially when it comes to oddly shaped items.

Fold them when not in use

Say your carrying just enough supplies of either makeup, toiletries, creams, lotions, shampoos conditioners or craft items which is usual in my case and at the end of the trip when your project is finished and your bottles are empty all you have to do is fold the fabric organizer and lay in flat in your suitcase and carry it back easily.

Slip in handbag for convenience

Now because I love craft so much, I like the ease and convenience of fabric organizers because they are light weight and washable. When I am in the middle of a project and I have to a take trip be it short or long I can just slip my lightweight organizer in the handbag or baggage without having to worry about packing it separately.

Now traveling light is such a breeze and I am glad I have shifted to better living and better traveling….