Whenever I see a super-organized craft table or space online it brings me immense peace and happiness. I got to admit that the craft corner in my house resembled a dump yard of craft, knitting and decorating materials for a long time till I decided to do something about it.

Each time I promised myself to get it sorted sooner than later, only to postpone it to be done “tomorrow” which never came. Finally, I did manage to get things in order and believe me – doing so has made me follow my passion more effectively with minimum anxiety.

I realized that earlier I used to spend more time looking for my pair of scissors or that tube of glue amongst the tangled mess of my craft supplies. But now I can get to work whenever my creative urge strikes, without having to worry of stopping midways to hunt for my supplies.

Having things in order and safely stowed away in designated places in tidy craft organisers has helped in many ways. These organisers are such a relief

  • They help to keep everything tidy
  • It’s easier to find things when you need them
  • Your craft becomes more enjoyable
  • Tools are protected and last longer
  • You can carry your craft with you whenever you need to.

Effective Ways for Organizing and Storing your Craft Supplies

You could approach organizing your craft supplies in different ways using daily storage containers, plastic pouches, cardboard boxes etc. Crafting Tools like Glue guns, Scissors, paper punches, staplers can be kept organised within your reach in pencil holders or shoe boxes.

You could place stuff like glitter, sequins, buttons etc. in small mint tins or pill cases which is very handy. You can also use tin boxes or glass jars with lids to store your beads, or source a peg board to stock up the yarns if you love knitting as a hobby.

Honestly, it’s about personal preferences. You could buy stuff from your local store or online or if your highly creative you could use stuff from your house and garage to make your own storage bins and containers. This will certainly make your life a lot more uncluttered and less stressful when it comes to following your craft!

Craft Storage Organizers

Crafters Basket
Crafters Basket

These Organisers are a perfect Craft storage solution and are available in many sizes and are made from different types of materials. An ideal Organizer should be large enough to carry all your art supplies which may include papers, paints, brushes, scissors, threads etc. depending upon the kind of art or craft that you follow. These are practically very useful and once you start using them you always regret for not having started a little earlier.



Petite Organiser XL
Petite Organiser XL


One of my constant companion is my Craft Organizer (Petite organizer XL)which I bought a year back from Yazzii.com and it’s very handy. This petite quilted organizer is a multi- functional organizer, especially helpful to carry my supplies when I am travelling. It’s a multi- functional carrier and it can easily double up as a travel make up bag or cosmetic case which can be used to even carry your toileteries, cosmetics or your artificial jewellery !



Craft organizers made of cloth are more in vogue these days. Cloth can be safely used by children for organizing their art and craft materials in one place. It is also very convenient for them to carry the organizer to school without any hassles as it is lighter since it is made of cloth.


(Yazzi Craft Box – Fabric Top )

Craft organizers are available in attractive colours, designs and sizes to suit your taste. These days leather organizers are also preferred by individuals who love a modern and polished look.



Either ways Craft organizers are a good investment to make for an ardent craft or art enthusiast. So, explore and get organized ASAP!!!