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Best Fabric Bags For Home And Travel

How many of you have ever hunted for a missing earring or repeated the same jewellery because it was much easier than finding the matching necklace that you were looking for? When was the last time you had to manage with a shade of lipstick not of your liking, only because the same was not traceable, although you were dead sure you had put in in your cosmetic bag – which is eternally in chaos! Remember the disappointment when you had to postpone initiating a hobby idea as the key tool goes missing?

Every time this happens, we promise ourselves to tidy up our clutter only to delay it for a future appropriate time. Well “Life’s like that” for most of us, but it only needs a little bit of organizing and de-cluttering to get things in order. Being organized not only reduces… Continue reading Best Fabric Bags For Home And Travel

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Easy to carry Multifunctional Storage Bags

Multifunctional Storage Bags

Easy to carry multifunctional storage bags

The pace of our fast moving life requires us to be on-the-go ever-so-ready individuals.

Picture a normal routine day. You’re barely able to get up and get ready, leave aside the hurried breakfast and the worries of catching the right train or bus to work or even driving all the way.

And to add to all of this, you struggle to find the perfect accessories to go with your outfit.

Or imagine, getting together a project or a DIY gift at the last minute and not finding the felt tape or a pair of scissors to start with. Such a task, right? Continue reading Easy to carry Multifunctional Storage Bags