Yes, you have come to the best place ever to understand all the travel hacks that you will ever need in your life, each and every one of them. You will be surprised to read some of the hacks that you have never ever thought of doing but trust me, it is very beneficial to have some guidelines to have a smooth and hassle-free journey and transit. Even the most boring parts of travel like organizing, packing and repacking can be made fun with these tips and tricks to remember. It is very advantageous to follow these hacks to have a safe journey.


Supermarkets and grocery stores are amazing for stocking up water, drinks, snacks, etc. One must take full advantage of them. A traveler does not need to cook own meals but they can opt for budget options like purchasing from little kiosks/vending machines at the local stores. Many higher rated items are sold for a fraction of the price here. One can purchase a few snacks and water in these local stores than at the hotel to save a ton of money.


Not all the seats on an airplane are created equal. Some of the seats in a flight have more legroom while some are too close to the washroom, it is very crucial to sit on the perfect seat for a comfortable and relaxed flight journey. There are websites where you can just enter the details of your flight and then read first-hand experiences and various reviews of other people who have traveled by the same flight. A massive lifesaver is a flight where you can choose your seat while doing the online check-in.


There are various methods and techniques in which you can save space in your luggage while packing for a travel journey. In order to save space, clothes can be rolled instead of folding them up. Folded clothes invariably take up more space in the bag. Tiny containers and pouches can be used for storing jewelry. One can even store cables and chargers in old sunglass cases. Prioritize and pack only what you need and any other ‘maybe’ clothes must be put aside. This will create a massive space in your travel bag. Also, for all those craft enthusiasts, we have Yazzii Crafters Companion which is a perfect organizer to carry all the important paper, patterns, and books. This knitting bag is perfect for all your craft travel bag accessories as it has 4 sleeves and 16 different pockets of varied sizes to fulfill all your craft needs while you are traveling.


If a person is traveling with family, one can reserve a vacation home or opt for a single room while traveling alone. These options can easily replace luxury hotels any given day. There are many vacation rental-homes websites these days that provide private rooms or holiday homes from homeowners. They rent these out and many times, they provide better accommodations than hotels. These private rentals are travel world’s game changer these days because they are light on the pocket, have a more comfortable and homely environment.


If you are a victim of loss or theft during your travel, you’ll be thankful for keeping a scanned copy of your passport in your email. Any confirmations of your journey can also be taken a screenshot and emailed it to you. Bookings of buses, trains or flights must also be recorded and taken a screenshot so that you can access them even in offline mode. This can be done on your tablet, laptop or phone but it must be accessible even when you’re disconnected to internet access. This method is way easier than carrying around printouts. In case anything goes haywire, this is a travel hack you would not like to ignore for sure. Also, scan your identification card and itinerary and email yourself the scanned copies for keeping offline records.


Many hotels provide good deals and discounts from time to time such as one free night if a certain number of paid nights are booked. It usually happens that when we book directly or through an official hotel website, offers like “stay for two nights and get a third night complimentary” can be received commonly. Many holiday seasons, New Year and other national holidays call for big and major discount deals for hotels which prove very comfortable as it is pocket-friendly for the travelers so just keep updated with all such campaigns taking place in the destination you are visiting.


Well, BYOB! Here, it means to bring your own bottle. Trust me it is the best thing you can do to keep the dehydration at bay. Many airports and flights do not allow liquid bottles these days. Also in a flight, the number of times they offer you water may not be up to your fondness and also the water cost could be higher according to the policies of the airline. When one gets their own water bottle with them, they make sure that they have water whenever they want it. Just top off your bottle whenever they come around to give you water. Also, you can get an empty bottle from home and fill it up after you pass security at the airport. This means no more paying for any water bottles. Nowadays, foldable bottles are also available that are better for the environment.

We have our Yazzii Tote Bag that is a perfect quilted tote bag that you can use as your handbag while you travel. An empty bottle or a foldable bottle can be easily put in this wonderful travel bag and can be taken along with you in your flight transits and also while you travel.


Thank us later but note it down on your essential hack-list first and foremost because this vital hack is a keeper. It is such a lifesaver to have Offline Maps downloaded on your phone or tablet while traveling. Just make sufficient space on the phone to download the application of maps and select the option to browse offline on mobile. So even when you don’t have access to the internet, you just have to go to the map, open the saved area and search the downloaded map. If you don’t want to wander and be lost in the city, just don’t ever forget this essential hack.


This is one of the very crucial travel hacks to remember. So unless it is really wintery, one does not need those heavy jackets or woolen jumpers. If you really need to carry it, one can just layer up clothing while traveling like just wearing that heavy jacket in the flight and during transit. The fabrics that you choose must be wisely picked too. There is a fabric called flannel which is very light in weight but at the same time great for retaining heat. Also, one can carry light cardigans to keep them snuggly and can be worn with a light waterproof coat.


However simple and easy to forget this idea may sound, but it is extremely important. It is a challenging task to search for a pen when you want it at airports, flights or the cities where you are traveling. So always remember to keep a pen or two before leaving your house so that you can complete the forms at the customs without any hassle. Once you receive the forms at the customs, just fill them immediately and then make sure that the family members or the people you are traveling with have theirs filled too. People surrounding also try to clamor for your pen and the flight attendants also rarely have them.

We have Yazzii’s Compact Jewellery/Makeup organizer which is totally multi-functional in nature. It is foldable and has small pouches in the sides and vertical pockets in the center. You can easily fit one or two pens and other travel bag accessories and other artificial jewelry in this organizer, fold it up, close it and put it in any corner in your handbag as it will hardly take up any space.


Just remove what is required at that point when you enter your hotel room. Make sure you take out the necessities and keep the rest inside the luggage only. In this way, repacking will not be such a huge task and you will not forget things in the hotel while leaving. If you take out every single thing from your luggage to make yourself feel like home, you will definitely go through hell while repacking and also forget things easily over there.


It is a very simple thing to overlook but very important in your travel excursion. Drowning your battery could make your trip boring because you won’t be able to click any pictures and talk to friends and relatives. It might be disastrous also when you are lost, have no access to offline maps on your phone and also nobody to ask nearby. So better to take precautionary measures and carry a portable charger in your purse. It basically works as an external battery that one can charge separately using a USB wire or even top up with a store-bought battery. It is very crucial to have this when your phone runs out of battery.


It could be a sling bag if you are a girl or a backpack for boys so that you do not have to carry a whole big bag while traveling locally in the new destination. This is to keep your passports and other travel documents with you. One can require these documents at any point in time while traveling and are very necessary to be kept with you full time. Also, in this bag, one can keep their money, small change, travel cards, credit/debit cards, important documents, identification cards, passport, itinerary, portable charger, etc. We have the YAZZII Accessory and ID Case which is perfect for girls for traveling as one can put all your travel bag accessories like passport, money, cards, USB wires, etc. in this 4 pocketed sling in which 2 pockets are see-through. This sling can be hung around the neck and shoulder, easy to carry and is available in 8 variety of vibrant colors.


When you’re visiting a new country, just don’t be stubborn and scared to get out of the comfort zone you’re in. You will thank me for this wonderful idea as you can then experience the new culture and interact with people whole-heartedly. One can take back a lot of amazing memories this way. But at the same time, if a country has some rules for dressing and prefers modesty, just follow their guidelines and wear accordingly. As a foreigner in a new country, this hack will ensure that you are safe while exploring the new place.


You can always go to the giant worldwide food chains when you’re in your hometown but not experience the food from the local restaurants at this new place in your homeland. So it is always the best hack to remember to try new and well-reviewed eateries nearby. The local cuisine saves up a lot of money and also allows one to experience flavorful meals and new delicacies.  Also, you meet the local chefs and servers at these restaurants and interact with them. You get to know their culture and best dishes that are famous among the locals. You will have all new experiences to take back home in this way.


Just think of it as a necessity to carry all your cords and wires in one single pouch. It is the best hack anyone can ever advise you as without this, you will definitely waste time searching for chargers, USB wires in your handbag or luggage which is very time-consuming and irritating to do while traveling. Serious headaches can be saved once you dedicate a pouch especially for these wires, cords, earphones, portable chargers, etc. Many times airlines also provide you with small goodie bags with eye masks, earplugs, and socks. These pouches can be used as your travel tech-accessory. It is usually the perfect size. However, if that doesn’t work, the best way is to purchase our YAZZII travel bag or pouch that you can purchase to keep all these gadget attachments and other technological travel bag accessories.