traveling can be very stressful, especially when you’re traveling with products that have the potential to destroy the rest of your stuff. Packing for makeup can be a daunting task but the good news is there are number of makeup organizers and tips and tricks that make your life simple and help you pack smart.

I decided to go a mission to find ways to balance my travel hues and personal happiness. There was a whole lot of information out there to consider and so many inexpensive DIY tips and tricks to carry makeup while traveling. I must admit they were really appealing, and I tried a few of them but quickly realised they weren’t meant for me. I had to find good travel bags that would help me carry everything I needed so I could always look my best. I know of many people who love to flaunt big bulky makeup bags regardless of whether they need that much stuff along or not. But I always prefer something that is straight forward, simple, affordable and attractive.

3 Pieces Clear Make-up Organizer Plus Travel Toiletry Bag

I was very pleased when I bought this online. The different sizes gave me the flexibility to categorize all my makeup essentials and skin care stuff along with full size toiletries which fits easily in the big bag.  It’s easy to see exactly what is in them and they stand on a shelf for easy access. I was fine with the zippers, but I was hoping for a better quality. The only drawback for me was that it took a lot of space in my suitcase.  I found myself hoarding a whole lot of extra things that could be avoided.



4 Pocket Organizer With Detachable Pockets.

This bag from Yazzii is by far the handiest and prettiest bag I have in my collection. This must have makeup organizer comes with 4 individual detachable pockets which are zippered and have a see-through panel which is very convenient. Even though it’s made of cloth this makeup bag stands on its own and you can lift the pouches and make them stand upright while choosing and using your makeup essentials. I can pack my brushes, lipsticks, eye makeup and facial creams in a compact space and still access it easily because of the detachable pockets. With this purchase I learnt how to minimise my load by using smaller reusable bottles and containers for things like lotions and creams. I also began to purchase products that where smaller in size and travel friendly.  That way I still had everything I needed but the weight and excess didn’t break my back or my bank.

The duration of your travel plan plays an important role in deciding the right size and type of makeup products you need to carry. Once you have that sorted it’s just a matter of picking the right makeup organizer that suits your travel needs. I can’t stress enough on the superb quality of the Yazzii bag I own but that’s my personal preference.

I use a foldable compact makeup organizer from Yazzii to carry a moisturizer, compact, lipstick, an eye pencil and a lip balm to refresh at airports and in between flights.



Every woman should have at least one mini size makeup organizer for her carryon luggage and one large size makeup organizer or travel accessories bag for her checked in baggage to store bigger and bulkier items.

There are multiple styles to choose from so one must analyse their habits and preferences and select something that is right to carry the things they love.


Ever since I bought these travel bags my traveling experiences have been wonderful. It has made me realise that by making few changes and right choices you can live better, enjoy more and focus on what’s important….