Want to cover the entire USA in one single trip? New York, Miami, L.A., all in one single two-month holiday? You sure must be prepared to carry your luggage from place to place. Some places it will be easy and you will have porters. But other areas, you might have to drag your luggage and your travel expedition can result in a tiresome affair!


Your beauty organizer must be such that it adds zero weight and bulk to your overall luggage. Also, it should wash easily if it gets dirty because of any leakage in the toiletries and other items. It must cope with the spills if any.  The organizer must be compact and it must be easy to squeeze it anywhere in your suitcase.

First, you must check that how many travel bag accessories you’re bringing with you. Then you can select a light-weight beauty organizer depending on the number of items that you’re carrying. You must make sure that the organizer has ample number of pockets to fit in all of your stuff separately as well as in one single place.

At Yazzii, we offer a 3 Piece Pouch Set – Large that are ideal to use for your travel excursions. They are lightweight and can be used separately keeping all your requirements in an organized manner. They are zippered pouches and do not take up space at all.


Going for a trip? Creams, gels, aerosols, liquids, pastes! You will need them all in your handbag that will pass through the checkpoint. The toiletries must be travel-sized and easy to carry. They must be the size of the shower gels and shampoos that we get in the hotels. You can even skip some of the toiletries in case you are not particular about your skin type. Otherwise, mostly hotels all around the world have good soaps and shampoos that they offer to their guests. Adding to that, also leave your bulky full-sized perfumes at home and do some good investment in travel-sized perfume bottles.

You also have to make sure that your favorite liquids are packed perfectly and double-check that they don’t leak. Nowadays, solid conditioners and shampoo bars are available in the market that saves up on weight as well as space. These travel-sized toiletries must be as per the TSA liquid rule which makes sure that only a little space is taken. On the other hand, even the most remote locations that you go to carry most of the brands that you are familiar with. So rather than carrying your bulkier products, you can purchase deodorants, shower gels, mosquito repellents and sun lotions from the places that you are visiting.

At Yazzii, we have our 4 Pocket Organizer that comes with singular detachable pockets that have a see-through panel and are zippered. Your toiletries and makeup travel bag essentials can be kept separately and yet in the same organizer with this Yazzii product.


Instead of using big suitcases, you better use smaller ones which will help you in the long run. It is a game-changer when you opt for small comfortable bags rather than big ones. This will also help you at airports, where your luggage will be weighed. The weight of the suitcase should be less or same weight that is allowed by the airplane authorities. If that is not the case, you either will have to give some of your things to the airport authorities or will have to pay extra for the added kilograms in your luggage.

Also, if you are with a partner, you can share a bag with your partner. When you know you have just half the suitcase to fill, you automatically pack less. You must remember that you will have to roll your suitcase all around the airport until you check-in. Also, better be aware about the airline’s size and weight limits before packing.

At Yazzii, we have our Mini Jewel/Makeup Organizer – Large that will accommodate all your medications, toiletries, cosmetics, and all your travel bag accessories in one organizer which you can fit in any corner in your luggage.


One can use various tips and ideas in order to reduce the weight of your luggage. The bulky items like winter coats and sweaters can be put in clear bags and the vacuum can be removed completely and the air can be rolled out. This shrinks out the items. About 50% of the item space can be reduced by this method. Also, now don’t use the extra free space to pack and put something else inside now. Just enjoy the lightweight bag by leaving the rest of the space inside empty.

Also, shoes take a large amount of space in your bags. So only carry the ones that are required and ditch the rest. Just make sure the shoes you’re carrying go well will all the clothes that you have packed. A quick tip is to carry not more than two pair of shoes, that is including the ones that you are actually wearing during the trip. It goes like wear the bulky ones and carry the lighter shoes. The smaller pair must be packed always. They must be light, comfortable and flat.

Just remember, if it is bulky, don’t carry but rather wear it on your body. Going to wintery place? Just wear your coat. Also, you can buy cheap winter coats at Goodwill when you reach the destination and then sell or even donate the coat while leaving from there.

At Yazzii, we offer the Trinket Fold-up Case that is a little storage item for small jewelry. There are 6 clear and transparent pleated pockets which allow you to put all the small things in one place. Also, this is a lightweight case so this is easy to carry but at the same time, accommodates everything.


You really don’t want to waste any space in your luggage while traveling. For conserving space, it is always better to do the folding and rolling of clothes avoiding wrinkles. The shirt, shorts, dresses, skirts, denims, scarves, etc. can be rolled carefully and put in the bag. Whereas, items like trousers, jackets or sweaters that are bulky in nature can be folded wisely.

You can also opt for the KonMari Folding Method created by Marie Kondo, the Japanese decluttering expert. She wrote the world’s bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up explaining this method for folding all the clothing items. Her technique helps in choosing and taking items what one will wear regularly during the outing and packing them neatly. It basically guides to arrange the primary layer of items side by side in a vertical position. In this way, the clothes are easy to identify and taken out.

At Yazzii, we offer our Yazzii Jewelry Roll – Large in which you can put your entire artificial jewelry in each of the separate cases and pouches in this roll and tuck it in the corner of your luggage.


The most humble thing you can do to pack lighter is use a backpack. Every airline allows you to carry a personal backpack on board. You can’t even imagine how much you can fit in one single backpack. You can also carry a messenger bag, laptop bag or a large purse instead of a backpack. Just make sure it is the perfect size so that it can fit under the seat in front of where you are seated.

At the same time, since you have to carry this backpack or large purse on your back and shoulders, you have to make sure that you don’t overstuff. If you pack carefully, you can actually remove 1/3rd of the items that you have put in because anything not worth the back pain should be removed immediately. Only the items on your priority list must be carried in this backpack namely passport, phone charger, wallet, pens, adapter, headphones, snack bars, reusable small bottle, and a small-sized notebook.

At Yazzii, our Oval Jewel/Makeup Box is a very spacious travel bag to carry for all your travel bag accessories. There are no internal pockets and is just a big spacious box to keep everything and take it during your expeditions.


True book lovers can live without food, but never without books. Although, rather than carrying many different books that are bulky to carry at your vacation, you can download your favorite eBooks on the Kindle app on your phone. You can put all the books that you need in your phone. You can also borrow eBooks from the local library and read it on the OverDrive app. Just follow this ritual to download several books that you were looking forward to read before the trip. This will make sure that you have sufficient content during the journey. Also many of the airlines like Qatar Airways provide free complimentary magazines in their waiting areas at the airports.

Paper books might sure be the perfect option for you because of the feel and satisfaction of reading it provides. However, it is important to travel light as these books will increase the weight of your bag.

At Yazzii, we have the Yazzii Block Showcase Bag that can be of great mobility for your travel journeys. You can safely keep your kindle or tablet in this wonderful bag in a secured manner. Also, it has clear see-through front view so that you can see your tablet is kept safe and any possible scratches are prevented.


It is impossible to carry each and every single thing that you could just in case require during your entire travel journey. You compulsorily have to prioritize your list of travel essentials. Sacrifice is a MUST when you have to travel light. Something that you might or might not use for your trip should not be carried at all for the entire journey. Packing light helps you to be flexible during the trip and you can deal with the situations as they arise. Don’t carry any extra baggage as you will regret it during the tour.

Do you know what the best thing to do is? Just pack less than the clothes that you think you will require and more money than your estimated requirement as with clothes, you can wash them anytime. Maximum number of times there are laundry services at the hotels.

At Yazzii, the Travel Trio Pack is perfect for putting all of your travel bag accessories in one particular place. This is a Must-Have for every traveler as it proves to be very useful for storage of makeup and other travel accessories.


Yes! You read it right. If the place you are going to is extremely cold, you might have to pack a sweater or two and other bulky winter clothes. It is still better to wear these items temporarily during the transit and make extra space in the luggage for other items. The airports and flights are usually cold and mostly you will not be sweaty. And if the weather of the place you are visiting is warm and sunny, you can wear your scarves and shrugs during the transit so that you save luggage space. The rule is to just remember, if there is anything you need that is huge, just wear it, be it boots or heavy winter coats. Never pack it.

At Yazzii, we have our Yazzii Travel Wallet so you don’t have to stuff your luggage with items that get scattered or take up extra space. Small jewelry items, small change, debit/credit card, medications, etc. can be stored in this wonderfully compact travel wallet and be carried everywhere in the hand.


When on an excursion, just remember you might be tempted to buy more than what you want. One might think that this might be the only time we are visiting this place, so why not buy all of what is exclusive there, not forgetting gifts for friends and family and souvenirs of the destination. The luggage might not have extra place for all of this extra shopping. So better carry a foldable bag inside the suitcase.

There is no need to purchase an extra suitcase for all the things you bought on the trip because you can put all of your extra items in this bag. This can also become your hand luggage during the flight to save fees for extra weight, just in case.

At Yazzii, we have the Yazzii Tote Bag that is multi-purpose and is perfect for your traveling when you want to fit in all your travel bag accessories in one single tote bag. All you extra purchased items during the trip can be stored in this one single bag.