I am extremely passionate about knitting and my craft room is my heaven. I keep it well organized with the help of craft storage box, craft storage containers, knitting storage bag, threading bags and tool organizers.

Since I travel a lot, I am always looking for good quality knitting bags to take my knitting with me. I have tried a lot of options from duffle bags to tote bags to foldup cases but honestly the best of the lot has been a bag called The Universal Companion and it belongs to a brand called Yazzii.

This bag is big and includes 4 sleeves that consist of 28 pockets of different sizes including elasticized storage for pens, pencils, crochet hooks and other tools. With increased depth, width and length, you can open this bag from the centre like a book, allowing easy access to everything. With see-through pockets everything is easy to find making it perfect for classes or travelling. It also has an external pocket to keep your keys or mobile phone handy. The moment I saw this bag I knew it was something that would be ideal for me and I am glad I bought it.

After 6 months of rugged usage I was more than convinced that I could rely on this brand of bags and I decided to go ahead and buy one of their big quilting bags that I was eyeing for a long time.

The Yazzii Carry All is perfect for all your quilting needs. You can really get organized with this ultimate craft storage bag.  There are 20 see-through zippered pockets of various sizes to hold all your craft accessories, with enough additional space for unfinished projects and a 12 by 18 quilt mat board. With its size and many compartments, the Yazzii Carry All really is for every crafter.

I take both these bags to my classes and so many people have complimented me on my beautiful multifunctional organizers.

I like to carry my needles in style hence I prefer my Knitting Needle Case which has a quilted pattern and comes in a roll-on style with 12 pockets for larger needles and 8 for shorter needles and crochet hooks. The bag also has 2 additional see-through pockets for circular needles and other accessories. The larger needles are protected with a fabric flap and the case has a three-way fold with the Velcro closure. When I am ready to travel, I just roll up the case and toss it in my suitcase or carry on.


If your someone like me who uses both straight and circular needles, a case is a great way to keep all your needles in one place. Many cases have pockets in multiple sizes for different knitting needles.


The Yazzii Circular Needle Binder that I have been using has 10 see through pockets each designed to hold multiple circular needles. It also has 2 internal zippered pockets to hold notions, stitch markers, knitting and crochet supplies. This binder has a book-fold design with a Velcro closure and a small carry handle.



I am glad I discovered this brand of bags and now I don’t have to struggle to find ways to store or carry my knitting or craft with me….