If your someone who uses circular knitting needles, you might be struggling in finding ways to store them perfectly. There are plenty of craft storage solution options that you buy from the market or implement DIY ideas and customise your own craft storage containers.

From old paint cans to empty pretzel containers, you’d be surprised how many inexpensive ways there are to organize your knitting needles, whether they’re straight, circular or double-pointed needles.

The first question is how much of these you use and how much you’re willing to spend to store them. For some people cans, containers and Ziplock bags might do the trick, but for some binders and organizers would be a must.

I like to carry my needles in style hence I prefer my Knitting Needle Case from Yazzii which has a quilted pattern and comes in a roll-on style with 12 pockets for larger needles and 8 for shorter needles and crochet hooks. The bag also has 2 additional see-through pockets for circular needles and other accessories. The larger needles are protected with a fabric flap and the case has a three-way fold with the Velcro closure. When I am ready to travel, I just roll up the case and toss it in my suitcase or carry on.


I had started off with the side pockets of a quilted duffel bag and gradually progressed to hanging organizers for circular needles. I also have 2 needle rolls for straight needles and one for double points.

My sister uses large Ziplock storage bags to store all her needles. She keeps all her needles of one size in one bag and marks the bag with the size and stacks them on a shelf.

I attend many group sessions and classes hence in the course of my discussions with my friends I have come across many interesting ways of storing circular needles.

  • Vase and terracotta decorative pots
  • Worm Binder or a cd-case
  • Decorative Mason Jar
  • Small decorative bin on the shelf
  • Large spool rack with labelled pegs as per size of needles
  • Hanging needle case inside a closet door
  • Threaded through a door handle in craft room
  • On a hanger in the closet
  • In their original cases
  • In a round cookie tin
  • Plastic page protectors with ring binder
  • Hanging storage that you can buy or make

If your someone who uses both straight and circular needles, a case is a great way to keep all your needles in one place. Many cases have pockets in multiple sizes for different knitting needles.

The Yazzii Circular Needle Binder that I have been using for years has 10 see through pockets each designed to hold multiple circular needles. It also has 2 internal zippered pockets to hold notions, stitch markers, knitting and crochet supplies. This binder has a book-fold design with a Velcro closure and a small carry handle.




Staying organized and keeping things in proper place where you can find them easily will keep you in the best mood and help you enjoy your craft a lot more…

So, put one of these ideas to test and see what works for you.