Are you planning for a short trip outside the city, just next to the nearby hill station? And do you want to carry your make-up, jewelry, and craft also with you? You have come to the right place we have some amazing jewelry bags and pouches that are must-haves and completely essential for your short trips. All your things will now be in one particular place, fully organized and tidy. You will not have to search anything and don’t be scared to lose anything from now on. Just relax as all your items are kept in order now. Following are 16 travel bags that you must add while you’re traveling next:


This is a fold-up wallet which is ideal to store small items of jewelry or other makeup travel bag essentials when traveling. You can also keep small change and credit cards in this wallet. Even if you want to keep certain craft items like pins, needles, etc., you can keep in this organizer. It is the perfect size for putting beads, small chains and bracelets. Just keep it anywhere in the tote bag that you are carrying as it is lightweight in nature and you will not have to search for any stuff because it will be organized at one place.


Trust me, ladies, this is a must-have in your travel handbag for even the shortest one day trip you’re going for. It is so small but so multi-purpose at the same time. It is very user-friendly as it aids in quick retrieval if you’re keeping in your craft accessories. This is because there is a see-through plastic on the front zipper to view and take out conveniently. You can even keep your artificial jewelry in it. The best thing about this pouch is that you can keep it anywhere in the smallest of your handbags for your short trips. You can even purchase two-three of these in different colors so as to keep in different luggage bags for varied items. It is available in eight diverse colors.


Are you a craft fanatic? Then you will not be able to live without your craft accessories and projects even for a day’s excursion. This Yazzii Trinket Fold-up Case is a must-have for you as it will help you keep all your small craft notions stored in one small organizer. There are 6 different pockets that are see-through and pleated. The pleats in the pouches allow the expansion in order to hold bulky notions or even large earrings. The two rows in this organizer are zippered for security reasons and to avoid any of the stuff to fall out. The closure of this case is made up of generous Velcro so as to keep it compact and cohesive. This case is perfect for all your craft articles to be kept in an organized way and then carry it in your larger Yazzii bag for your small trip out of town.


This is a brand new concept for storage of all your accessories, be it make-up, jewelry and craft. There are 4 detachable pockets separately given inside this wonderful organizer. All of these four pockets are see-through so that makes it easy for viewing what is inside. They are also zippered so that nothing falls out of it easily. Hence, the Yazzii 4 Pocket Organizer is perfect to keep all your travel bag accessories in one place without entangling, spilling or messing up small things. One can even use these pockets separately so that for a small trip in the town or nearby, you can just take one or two pockets as per the requirement for putting the make-up or even medicines. It is available in 8 colors namely green, red, black, etc.


You can only understand the importance of carrying your craft accessories with you even during short trips only when you’re a craft fanatic. This Yazzii Trifold Project Case is an inventive bag which is especially designed for smaller assignments. This case has 7 pockets out of which 5 are see-through and zippered. It is perfect and appropriate to keep your needlework and embroidery material. This case also has a Velcro closure for any patches that you want to keep for your craft project. It is available in seven different colors such as aqua, fuchsia, maroon, navy, etc. This lightweight case is so small and fits anywhere in your luggage for your small journey.



This is a huge roll organizer with 15 pockets in all. All the pockets are zippered and see-through visibility. All your travel bag accessories will be safe in this Yazzii Jewelry Roll as the items will be dust-free and safe from scratches. It is available in 8 varieties of colors. You can put all your items separately in this, roll it up and pack it with the Velcro given at the end. Just keep this roll in the corner of any of your handbag and you will have everything in one place and not even messed up at all. All the articles will be tidy and you will be able to see them and remove accordingly.


Do you just keep searching for your sewing accessories or craft notions? Well, not anymore because Yazzii Crafters Basket will keep all of your craft articles organized. You will finally enjoy complete peace of mind just knowing that all your things are kept together in one bag, fully organized. Each item is kept in its own separate pocket as this bag has a total of 4 internal pockets and 14 external pockets. It also has a very generous base inside for very large items. This bag is available in six varieties of colors.



You want to attend trade shows or travel anywhere? This Yazzii Accessory and ID Pouch is a must-have. This bag has four pockets, two of which are see-through and the other two are normally zippered. It has a pretty long string attached to this pouch which is adjustable. This way you got everything in your hand as you hand this bag around your neck and over the shoulder. The strap given is so long that you can wear this bag on your hip. You can keep all the things that you require as a necessity in it like money, passports, kindle, business cards, smartphones and IDs.



This beautiful Yazzii Jewelry Wrap available in gold color is so extravagant and elegant to look at. The pockets are see-through so that one can see the contents of the pouch easily and remove out items that are required. It also includes a clip up ring bar. Once you fill in all the small artificial jewelry items in it, you can just roll it and pack it up by tying the string. It looks so compact and beautiful. People will ask about it as you remove it from your bag to take out any item. It is the most fashionable-looking jewelry wrap organizer.



Are you traveling anywhere nearby still want to carry your craft accessories? Yazzii Quilt Mat Carrier is the best solution to carry your standard-sized cutting mat board which is 12 x 18 inches and other items as well. It had two compartments additionally for your important craft accessories and the rotary cutters. One can even keep a big pattern book of A4 size in this bag. It will fit all the favorite craft magazines as well. It has a handle also attached to the organizer which makes it easy to carry to different places. This bag is available in seven varied colors.



This foldable purse type organizer is very good for small excursions and journeys. There are five pockets in all in this foldable organizer. Two are small pockets on one side and two are vertical pouches for make-up brushes, pens, eyeliner pencils, etc. And on the other side, there is one long broad pouch where you can keep all the big accessories in one place like big rubber bands, bangles, craft items, lipsticks, long nail paints, etc. This can be folded and hardly requires any space. It fits in your handbag or suitcase that you will carry while going to any nearby destinations.



In order to keep all your health cards, medication details and scripts in one place, this product, Yazzii’s Multipurpose Wallet acts as a perfect medical journey. It is appropriate for a quick reference. This wallet is available in seven colors. You can carry this for your short trips because all your health information will be in one place in case any mishap happens. It’s crucial to carry these documents especially when you are traveling solo. This is a multi-functional wallet and fits in any corner of your travel suitcase. It does not take up much of the space.


  1. TOTE BAG:

The Yazzii Tote Bag is a multi-functional quilted tote bag that turns out to be an amazing handbag especially if one is traveling. Even for small excursions, you need to carry some of the basic necessities in your bag which is with you and this works best for any purpose. You will be asked by many people around you as this handbag looks so attractive and classy to classy for holding on any of your small journeys and at the same time, fits in all the necessary travel bag accessories like medicines, scarf, jewelry, make-up, lotions, craft items, etc.



This is a set of three pouches available at Yazzii which are medium –sized but are perfect to add-on to your large-sized Yazzii Organizers. These are zippered pockets and see-through so that one can view what is kept inside and then remove stuff according to one’s needs. You can keep make-up, jewelry or craft notions, whatever is required for your short trip outside the city. Out of these three, you can carry one or two at one time on your one trip. Otherwise, all three can be carried if extra stuff needs to be carried. You can keep so much of your stuff in these pouches like small chains, toothbrushes, lotions, toothpastes, rubber bands, bracelets, face cream, talcum powder, etc. Even in train journeys it is perfect to take to the washroom with you in the morning.



This is a well-zipped storage organizer. The Yazzii Oval Craft Bag is made in a very innovative way and is multi-functional in nature. It is appropriate to store all your required items for your craft project. You can just lock it up and take it anywhere which is impeccable for all your short journeys. It is available in eight different colors. Its interior consists of four pages of zipped up storage. Each of this page is divided into 6 individual pockets with dividers in the center. Also, these pockets are see-through so that one can easily view what is stored inside. There is also a three-sided zipper to keep the exterior secured and which allows the organizer to fully open. It also has a short shoulder strap and an exterior pocket to put all the extra stuff required often. The interior and the exterior are fully quilted with black cotton. It is so small but holds so much which is why you can take it anywhere with you in your short expeditions out of town.



This jewelry travel bag pattern has eight zippered pockets with panels that are see-through for easy-viewing. This is perfect for storing all your small accessories. It is a multi-purpose bag that can be used for a variety of purposes like carrying your medications, craft accessories, cosmetics, lotions, toiletries and other necessities. You can keep your medicines, nail paints, wet wipes, ear buds, tissues, face wash, lotions, eye liners, lipsticks, bangles, and chains easily in it. Once you put everything in the different pockets and close the zippers, you can close the entire box with the upper flap for complete closure. This organizer is obtainable in eight ranges of colors.