“Oh God! I lost one earing”, that’s the worst thing that could happen before a party to anyone, i.e. to find a matching earring that goes well with your outfit but lose the other pair. That is the time when one thinks,

Why did I not keep them together?

Why did I not well-organized my earrings so that both of them would have been found?

Why did I not keep them in a special bag or pouch?

Oh well, you don’t have to regret any more since Yazzii is here to provide for your every jewelry storage need. It has solutions for it all with its Exclusive Yazzii jewelry Bags and pouches. jewelry designers and manufacturers at Yazzii make sure that the jewelry Travel bag pattern is:

We at Yazzii design the best costume jewelry bags that are very durable and customer-friendly. Even if you use one jewelry Travel Bag Pattern from us, you will be so addicted with the comfort and ease of the design of this bag that you would want to take it everywhere. You would want to have more such organizers with you for your every travel or home managing needs so that once you want to go somewhere, you just have to open the organizer and all your jewelry is visible at one place and you choose easily comparing to the outfit you are wearing. Once you find the matching jewelry, you close the zip and put the organizer back. After returning from the party, you can remove your earrings and put them back in the bag and you never lose an item of jewelry again.

The fabrics that we use are marvellous, exclusive, fashionable and trendy. Also, we offer a wide range of products that are multi-functional, elegant and that appeal to women of any age and have various products to meet every type of need and requirements of women across the globe. We take utmost pride in the quality of the jewelry bags and pouches that we provide as we pay extreme attention to detail.

  1. Deluxe Jewelry Storage Organizer:

Can you imagine a jewelry bag with 10 individual pockets, 5 pockets in the lower section and a bracelet/watch roll too? I am sure you could not ask for any better organizer. This is a wonderful jewelry organizer with double sections perfect to help organize all you jewelry and various other accessories at one place. Also, there are many pockets to this bag, but the pockets are not small. The space and size of the pockets in this organizer are generous and one can fit many big sized jewelry items in one pouch so that numerous articles can be accommodated inside and all are at one place. This bag is available in many colours like blue, black, pink, red, green, etc.

With all its advantages, it is for sure for all your valuable jewelry items and also is a great gift idea for women of any age. Even a young girl could put so many of her bangles, clips and watches inside this bag.


  1. Jewel/Makeup Oval Organizer:

“Crocodile, Crocodile! Colour, Colour, which colour, do you want?”

Common’ choose, we got 8 colours in our Jewel and Makeup Oval organizers to choose from. Yes. Aqua, Black, Fuchsia, Green, Maroon, Navy, Purple and Red, so much variety that you will be forced to buy 3-4 of the same products because of all these vibrant colours that we offer. This should come under your jewelry and makeup travel bag essentials, a must-have for every your every vacation and your home requirements.

This organizer has sufficient space for storing all of your makeup products, cosmetics as well as jewelry. You can also store hair clips, rubber bands and beads for your hair in the transparent pockets and choose whatever goes well with your outfit and use accordingly. This is perfect for carrying it along while you are on your travels because of its sturdy and durable design. This Oval shaped organizer proves to be a wonderful gift idea for women who are always on the move!


  1. Yazzii Jewel/Makeup Storage Box – Fabric Top:

What if you can store all your makeup, jewelry, hair spray, deodorants and perfumes all in one storage box?

This Yazzii Jewel/Makeup Storage Box with Fabric Top is exactly that, the perfect storage box with sufficient space for your makeup and jewelry. This box is divided in two broad compartments:


  • The first compartment has 4 detached pockets, having different configurations that help to organize your makeup and jewelry items. Small sub-pouches of different shapes make it easy to fit small articles of any type. The sub-pouches are see-through to view and remove items by seeing them and selecting what is required.
  • The second compartment is perfect for bigger items like deodorants, perfumes, hair sprays, etc. All the larger items in your grooming item list can be put here as it has liberal space.

Also, the cover of this box is a see-through zipper concealment to secure the top. Hence, all the items of the top can be easily seen. These all wonderful characteristics of this organizer make it impeccable for your travel and home use!


  1. Petite Jewel/Makeup Double Organizer:

 You can call this a petite and cute version of our Deluxe Double Organizer. It is so small and appealing and hardly takes any space and fits in enough number of items. This small organizer is appropriately divided into two sections: the upper section has 1 pocket made out of fabric and a box-shaped area to store the tiny accessories; while the lower section has 4 sleeves that offer 6 pockets in all out of which 5 are see-through pockets.

This organizer is available in eight colours such as green, maroon, navy, fuchsia, etc.

This organizer is so small that it hardly takes up space in your home or your travel luggage and that is why it is easy to carry anywhere and also stores enough number of items at the same time. It has multiple pockets and zips so many articles can be kept separately to avoid any entanglement and messiness of jewelry or makeup objects.


  1. Mini Jewel/Makeup Organizer – Large:

Mini Jewellery / Makeup organizer - LargeSmall pieces of jewelry and makeup can be easily accommodated in this organizer. This can be perfectly described as a wonderful multi-purpose organizer that can be used for various things like medications, cosmetics, toiletries and craft accessories. This comprises of 8 zippered sections with see-through panels for storing the smaller accessories.

Available in 8 colours, this jewel/makeup bag is easy to use and carry anywhere. You can keep anything in it like small tubes, face-washes, medicinal tablets, lipsticks glosses, nail-paint remover, makeup brushes, eyeliners, nail paints, wet wipes, etc. You can also keep bangles, neckpieces, earrings in it, the main thing is that it small in size and everything can be accommodates easily due to number of transparent sectioned pouches and then zipped and taken anywhere you want or just keep it aside on your bedside table. It is attractive to look at and comes in distinctive and fascinating colours and even if a guest comes to your place, it will look good kept anywhere in your room as anyways, things will not be scattered at different areas and will be kept in an organized manner in this bag at one particular place.



  1. Jewelry Roll – Large:

 This jewelry Roll Bag is a pure compulsion! You got to have this organizer for your jewelry. There is no denial to it. It can be used for your traveling needs as it is an awesome accessory bag.

This is also called as the Yazzii Machine Feet Bag and is a definitive mandatory add-on for your sewing machine feet. This is a storage solution to keep all your sewing requirements at one place completely organized and tidy. The feet are kept in see-through compartments and on top of it, we also have a zippered pocket on the exterior of the bag that makes it handy to store your tools comfortably. This is an eagerly awaited bag with traditional Yazzii quality due to its sleek design, compact size and spectacular display.

For instance, if you’re going for an outstation wedding, you can take all your essential travel bag accessories like earrings, necklaces, lipsticks, etc. in this Roll organizer and easily fit in any corner in your suitcase.


  1. 4 Pocket Organizer:

 Let us welcome this new concept for storing your make-up, jewelry and craft accessories. This perfect arranger is cushioned from all sides to shield your accessories and jewelry from dust, breakage, dirt and moisture. Four individual pockets come with this organizer; the pouches are detachable and hence, can also be used individually. These sturdy zippered pockets have a see-through panel for easy viewing so that without opening you can see what is kept inside and then select the pouch accordingly.

This organizer is very durable and useful as even if you don’t want to carry the entire organizer, you can take out one or two pockets fill them with the stuff that you require and take these pockets along with you wherever you want to go. They can fit in any of your handbags, luggage or suitcase easily in a corner and can be carried along to the other place.


  1. Mini Jewel/Makeup Organizer – Petite:

6 zippered compartments with see-through panels! Travel easy squishy bag! Multi-functional! What else do you want in a Jewel/Makeup organizer? This is undoubtedly the perfect petite organizer for your basic travel accessories like cosmetics, toiletries, jewelry and medications because then you can have it all in one place.

For example, in two compartments you can keep your makeup, jewelry in two of them and other basic medicines, tubes, creams, makeup foundation, compact powder in the remaining two of the pockets so that all of your requirements are in one simple soft cloth organizer which can be squished in any corner of your travel bag or your home and taken out whenever any stuff required. This small organizer is unique, stylish and incomparable in terms of quality. It is specially designed in Australia for you and is available in 8 different colors such as black, aqua, purple, etc.


  1. Accessory and ID Case:

Want to attend trade shows, exhibitions or travel anywhere? This is a definite must-have for you as this Accessory and ID case offers 4 zippered pockets out of which two of them are see-through and remaining two are opaque. This marvellous pouch can be swung around your neck and shoulder with the strap provided with it. The strap is adjustable and the bag is comfortable to wear. You will have all the essentials in hand and don’t have to search for in big bags to find each and every small thing as four different pockets allow you to keep each and every specific thing in respective compartments. Search in big handbags for money, change, ID cards is over as it is now kept organized in this small handy pouch with a leash to accommodate every necessary item.


  1. Compact Jewelry/Make up Organizer:

 Yazzii being a pro in manufacturing jewelry/Makeup Organizers in Europe, Sydney, Melbourne, etc. has come up with this stylish and exceptional compact organizer that is multi-functional in every given sense. It is a safe storing pouch for your medication, makeup and jewelry ideal for traveling as it fits anywhere in handbags, backpacks, luggage or suitcases. Available in 8 varieties of colors, this vibrant and beautiful-looking pouch guarantees lots of stares when you take it out in front of your friends, co-travellers, colleagues, etc. It is easy to carry, small and durable due to which it can be taken along anywhere nearby as well as faraway places.

Whenever you carry these above-given jewelry/Makeup Organizers anywhere, everybody is sure going to ask you where you got these outstanding and remarkable organizers from and the one and only answer to this is our very own wonder brand – Yazzii!