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One Habit That Will Immediately Improve Your Crafting Skills

I can’t stress enough on the importance of organisation when it comes to crafting. Of course, you have the books, classes and online tutorials etc to show you how you can excel in your craft but the one habit that has helped me over the years to enjoy my craft thoroughly is the art of organisation.

Clutter can make you highly unproductive. Its confusing when you can’t find things in the right place. Having a place for everything and everything in its place is a good mantra to live by.

Use this questionnaire as guide to prepare and organise:

  • Do you like knitting at home on your couch?
  • Do you like knitting while travelling?
  • Do you like knitting while going to work?
  • Do you like taking your knitting on holidays?
  • Do you like knitting small portable projects?
  • Do you prefer larger projects and love taking them with you?
  • Do you like multi-colour knitting projects?
  • Do you like to carry more than one project with you?
Knitting Bag Premium
Knitting Bag Premium


The answers will help you in deciding the best yarn bag, tote bag, or caddy you might need. There so many knitting bags and craft organizers that work with every knitting style.

Crafters Basket
                       Crafters Basket



I personally own a wide variety of knitting bags, threading bags and craft organizers that I use for different projects at different times. A wide variety of handy knitting bags, totes bags, and caddies are available in the market. I have bought most of my bags online or at the Australian Quilt Convention and Craft and Quilt Fair.


Knitting Bag Premium
Knitting Bag Premium


Make sure you have all the supplies you need while travelling with your craft and carry your knitting tools in a separate bag or organizer to protect your yarn. Use a good knitting accessories bag to keep your knitting tools organized.  There are tons of bags available in various sizes, colours, patterns and styles. Try to organize your knitting in separate project bags. Yarn tends to tangle badly so throwing your projects in one bag can create a big mess.



Separating your projects into multiple craft organizers will keep your suitcase nice and neat. It also means that you can easily grab a project without having to unpack and repack your knitting bag. Choose a knitting bag keeping in mind where and what you’re going to knit.

It doesn’t matter what style of bag you prefer always look for materials that are durable and look good. Choose the ones that has lots of compartments with external and internal pockets.  In my collection of bags, I have a cotton canvas bag as well which is machine washable and holds up to 40 pounds. It has a sturdy construction and pockets on the outside to organize lots of notions, needles, scissors, and crochet hooks.


My Yazzii Tote bags provide loads of space to carry my yarn and projects and has a quilted pattern on the exterior which looks elegant. I also own a folding caddy that can store one or several projects. It’s made of nylon and its mounted on a folding metal base. The caddy itself holds enough yarn to knit an afghan or sweater and has two detachable pouches. I use it around the house and carry it occasionally on my trips that involves visits to parks and beaches.


I have never done this myself by I saw a lady knitting while she was walking. She had a cool knitting bag with short shoulder straps which sat comfortably on her forearm keeping her hands free for knitting.


Craft is meant to be enjoyed, so lets find ways to do it right…..