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  • green oval craft organizer bag with sashiko patch promo
    oval craft organizer bag aqua

    Oval Craft Organizer Bag & Sashiko Kit – Citrus Wheel

    $77.50 USD


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  • aqua mini craft organizer with sashiko promo
    aqua mini craft organizer and sashiko kit

    Mini Craft Organizer & Sashiko Kit – Atlantic Circles

    $61.25 USD


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  • fuchsia compact craft organizer with sashiko promo
    compact craft organizer aqua

    Compact Craft Organizer & Sashiko Kit – Ruby Rose

    $44.25 USD


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  • Petite Craft Organizer XL & Sashiko Kit – Mums Hugs

    $61.25 USD


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  • fuchsia petite craft organizer with sashiko kit promo
    aqua petite craft organizer

    Petite Craft Organizer & Sashiko Kit – Turkish Delight

    $48.00 USD


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  • aqua craft notions pouch set with sashiko stitching promo

    Craft Notions Pouch Set & Sashiko Kit – Coconut Heaven

    $40.50 USD


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  • green oval sewing box with sashiko kit promo
    aqua oval craft organizer

    Oval Sewing Box & Sashiko Kit – Honey Delight

    $39.25 USD


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