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Ultimate Guide To Jewelry Organizer

Ultimate Guide To Jewelry Organizer

Ultimate Guide To Jewelry Organizer

De-cluttering and organizing can go a long way in making our lives more efficient and stress-free. We only need to consciously spend some quality time focusing on organizing our stuff at our homes, office or when we are travelling. But we seldom put in that little effort that could completely transform our lives making it happier and satisfying!

If there is any one thing, the importance of which can never be overvalued is the benefits of being organized in life. Most of us lead a very disorganized lifestyle not because we like it but only because we are glued to the warmth of our comfort zones which we are reluctant to change.

This is especially truer in case of women who apart from being professionals on the go, often double up and play the role of home makers too. The resulting chaos in their lives can be minimized effectively to a certain extent with proper planning and organizing.

It gives a woman great satisfaction and happiness if she is able to successfully tackle the challenges associated with the fulfillment of her commitments towards her family or work on a day to day basis. Particularly so when it comes to travelling either for work or vacationing with her loved ones.

Every woman wants to travel light, but let’s face the fact – there are certain things which you just can’t let go! Choosing, Organizing and packing the perfect wardrobe for that function/ cruise/tour is just a mammoth task and you are never satisfied. Leave aside the clothes, putting together the jewellery & accessories to go with your chosen attires is a task by itself.  It can be a nightmare to figure the perfect way to everything that’s needed. No one likes ending up with tangled chains, bracelets and necklaces or find out at the last minute that their perfect pair of earrings which was meant for their special outfit is either broken or lost somewhere in the chaotic mess.

Yazzii range of organisers precisely addresses these issues by providing effective storage solutions to store all your personal belongings like make up, travel essentials or Jewellery. Yazzii offers many different styles of organisers useful not only for travelling but also for organizing your essentials safely at home! These organisers bring in a lot of convenience while travelling to store your jewellery & accessories and work as a great space saving substitute in your travel bag.

They also protect your jewellery from the scars of travelling and keep them in good condition for a longer time. Mentioned below are few of the bestsellers from the Yazzii collection. They are not only spacious but also have very high utility and are truly multifunctional.

Deluxe Jewellery Storage Organiser ( PA610 )

This bag is perfect if you’re going for a wedding or a long trip. You will probably have lots of outfits in different styles to flaunt around at the various functions and places. This Double sectioned jewellery organiser is a bestseller which will help you organise all your jewellery and other accessories in one place. The upper section has a total of 10 pockets and the lower section offers 5 pockets. It also provides you with a bracelet/watch roll. The space and size of pockets are very generous, and it is perfect for all your valuable jewellery.  It’s perfect to keep all your valuable jewellery safe and secure.

Compact jewellery / Make up Organiser (PA20)

This is a stylish organiser that is truly multi-functional. It is an ideal organiser to store your jewellery, Accessories, make-up etc. It makes a great travel companion. For trips that are short and quick you can carry a few studs, hoops, dangle earrings, pendants, bracelets and a watch which will offer variety and you can mix and match the styles with your different outfits and look like a million dollar. You can carry these in a compact organiser/organizer or convenient 3PC pouches which always has some room for makeup on the go.

Double Petite Organiser

This is conveniently divided into two sections. The upper section has a fabric pocket with a larger area, while the lower section has 4 sleeves, complete with see-through panels, offering six pockets in total. This organiser has lots of space for necklaces and other pieces of jewellery in different sections.

Jewellery roll

They  can be a good space saving option to store all your favourite neck pieces and chunky earrings.

Jewellery pouches

They can be great for carrying earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings, watches and chains. They come in different sizes and have a see-through panel for easy access. You can use the smaller ones for delicate jewellery and the larger ones for beaded chains and tribal necklaces.


Mini Jewel/ Makeup Organizer – Large (SKU: PA14)


This is a very useful small jewellery organiser which has been a favourite for quite some time.  It has 8 zippered compartments with see-through panels for storage of your smaller accessories. This is again a multi-functional organiser that can also be used for toiletries, medication, cosmetics and craft accessories.

4 Pocket Organizer (340)

This must have organizer comes with 4 individual detachable pockets which are zippered and has a see-through panel which is very convenient. Even though it’s made of cloth this makeup bag stands on its own and you can lift the pouches and make them stand upright while choosing and using your stuff. You can pack a lot of jewellery items in this compact space and still access it easily because of the detachable pockets. The convenience of a detachable pocket will allow you to carry smaller items in your carry bag and put it on just before you reach the venue. Also, that heavy pair of earrings which suddenly becomes unbearable the moment you walk out of the event can be safely stowed in one of the detectable pockets which conveniently fits in your fancy hand bag or clutch.

The Crafter’s Companion (CA230)– This bag is something special and its designed specifically for the craft enthusiast but it can be used around the house to store and organise your jewellery and you could also take it along as a jewellery carry bag or carry toiletries in them while travelling. This true travel companion includes 4 sleeves with Yazzi’s special see-through panels and a total of 16 pockets in various sizes to address all needs. It even has a great elasticised storage band to hold 16 items. It zips up securely and has comfortable handles so you can take this bag with you wherever you go.


Compact Jewellery Organiser

This is a chic and compact organiser to carry basic items such as chains, bracelets and a watch for a quick work trip. It is extremely stylish and truly multi-functional. It can be used to carry basic makeup, jewellery, and medication. This foldup organiser will become your constant travel companion especially during air travel.

If you’re going for a wedding or a long trip, then investing in jewellery bags and pouches is a must. You will probably have lots of outfits in different styles to flaunt around at the various functions. Having a separate travel bag for jewellery will make your life easy and wouldn’t have to struggle while dressing up for the big event.

When it comes to choosing a perfect travel bag for jewellery it’s all about preferences. The trick is to have a personal dialogue with yourself and know the right way to carry your jewellery for your next trip.  After all it’s you who needs to pack it, carry it and access it easily when required.

Our bestsellers have compelled the customers to stick to our brand and our quality assurance has given us wonderful business and rave reviews over the years. This keeps us highly motivated and committed in doing what we do best which is bringing comfort and organization in people’s life. Take a sneak peek at all the organisers we offer apart from the most loved jewellery range.

  • Petite Organizer
  • Trinket Fold- Up Case
  • Single Knitting Tote
  • Double Deluxe Organizer
  • Yazzii Craft Box
  • Notions 3 Pc Pouch set
  • Project Pouch
  • Mini Craft Organizer
  • Oval Craft Bag
  • Block Showcase Bag
  • Oval Sewing Bags
  • Compact Craft Organizer
  • Maxie Yazzii (3 pc Bag)
  • 3 Pc Craft Pouches
  • 4 Pocket Organizers – CA 340 my blog
  • Quilters Project Bag
  • Craft Wallet
  • Sewing Machine Feet Organizer
  • Block Carry Case
  • Supreme Organizer
  • Sewing Machine Mat
  • 2 Pc Pouches
  • Petite Double Organizer
  • Iron Storage Case
  • Craft Project Holder
  • Crafters Companion
  • Thread Organizer
  • Deluxe Craft Storage Organizer
  • Large Mat Carrier
  • 100+ Ultimate Thread Organizer
  • Yazzii Carry-All
  • Accessory and ID Pouch
  • Knitting Bag Premium
  • Knitting Needle Case
  • Circular Needle Binder
  • Crochet Hook Organizer

The Yazzii range is comprised of multifunctional storage organizers that come in different shapes and sizes with pocket configurations that will meet all your needs. We design and manufacture creative, imaginative and multi-functional organizers. We also have a wide range of organizers to store and carry everything you need. Our bags come in 7 trendy colours and the fabric we use is exclusive and elegant.

At Yazzii we give great attention to detail and have maintained our quality standards over the years.  Happy and satisfied customers are the biggest guarantee to a good product and Yazzii customer testimonials and reviews across all platforms suggest that the bags our customers bought nearly 10 years ago are still going. Our zippers are still functional even after opening and closing it a thousand times. The convenient see-through panels are a hallmark of Yazzii organizers, and it’s one of our most loved features.

All Yazzii bags are made from the highest quality of materials and aim at maintaining the highest standards. Yazzii International is based in Melbourne, Australia. Our products have gained rapid recognition world-wide and we are available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Europe and South Africa. Domestic sewing machines are used to complete every bag. The unique quilting is done freehand, and we pay great attention to detail. Over 50% of each organiser is made by hand. We constantly work with designers and quilters to come up with designs and products that suits everyone’s needs.

Apart from the jewellery bags and knitting bags we also have some cool threading bags and quilting bags. We have craft organizers in both mini and large sizes to suit everyone’s requirement. We have an impressive range of tool organizers for all passionate knitters who usually hold a lot of supplies and need a place to keep all their delicate items neatly. If you knit very often and go for long trips, then the Yazzii Carry All will help you in keeping everything intact. While some may prefer backpacks and hardcase trolley bags some might like the convenience of a light bag that looks chic. Our trendy Tote Bag can be put to multiple use. Apart from using it to carry your knitting supplies you could occasionally use it as your carry-on travel bag because it has lots of space to carry all your travel bag essentials. Our Crafters Basket is irresistible and looks very attractive. It has multiple pockets to store different yarns, needles and other bit and pieces. It offers a perfect balance of style and comfort and you can occasionally carry it to the beach or poolside with your sunscreen, moisturizer, sunglasses, water bottle, light snacks and a small mat.

If decluttering has been on your mind for long or you have a family function or work trip coming up, then give these organisers a try. We have no doubt that you will fall in love with everything that we have to offer, and we will have you on the list of our most repeated customers in no time. We at Yazzii have and will always strive to deliver nothing but the best……stay happy stay organized.