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Want To be Truly Organised? Follow these Travel Tips…

It really doesn’t matter if you are a frequent traveller or somebody who travels occasionally. Having a good travel bag makes a world of a difference. There are so many different styles to choose from. My all-time favourite carry on travel bag is the modest tote bag which has a lot of space inside to carry all my travel bag essentials.

Tote Bag
  Tote Bag

Let me take your through some of the basic and important items that I always… always carry with me no matter where I am going.

  • Light jacket or stole with a pair of warm socks – most of the times temperature inside the plane and at airport is very cold.
  • Fibre rich healthy snack- food in the airplane can be very unhealthy and expensive.
  • Super hydrating facial moisturizer – skin gets very dry while travelling by plane.
  • Bottled water – a small bottle of water which can be refilled at the airport dispenser before and after flights. It’s a good idea to stay hydrated while travelling.
  • Saline nasal drops – to relieve dry itchy nose during flights.
  • Pack of tissues – to resolve any issue always carry a tissue.
  • Soft ear plugs or cotton – especially useful while take-off and landing.
  • Hand wash liquid – sometimes the toilets at airports or train station run out of liquid.
  • Sanitizer – to keep the hands clean and nice.
  • Toothbrush – to refresh whenever needed.
  • Facial wipes – to use quickly just before landing.
  • Hairbrush – to tidy up and look decent on arrival and during travel.
  • Sunscreen – to keep the skin protected.
  • Dry shampoo – useful in long delayed flights and crazy road trips.
  • Phone and tablet – to stay connected and entertained especially when flights are delayed or cancelled.
  • Noise cancellation headphones with Bluetooth – I just love them as oppose to the regular earphones as it kills the buzzing sound in the airplane.
  • Wallet – to carry photo ID, Drivers licence and some loose currency.
  • Makeup Pouch – I like to carry basic makeup to refresh at airports and in between flights. I always carry a moisturizer, compact, lipstick, eye pencil and a lip balm in my Yazzii Pouch.
  • Zippered Pouch – I carry sanitary pads in a small pouch, so I don’t have to carry the entire bag to the toilet.
  • Neck pillow and eye mask- I prefer the inflatable ones to save space
  • Sunglasses – It’s not just a style statement it’s a safety requirement too especially when it involves driving on the trip.
  • Small Pouch – to carry earphones, charger and power bank.
  • Deodorant/ Perfume roll on – long and delayed travel can make you smell bad.
  • A Mini Organizer – I use a compact one in my carry on to keep my expensive jewellery, camera and watches.
  • Common medicines – long flights or travel times can cause common illness, so I always carry something for headache, stomachache, acidity etc.
  • A good passport holder– I like the ones that go across the body like a sling.

There are wonderful makeup organizers, jewellery organizers, packing cubes, travel pouches etc that can used to pack efficiently. While packing your carryon luggage make sure to categorise the items in separate bags and pouches for easy access.  In relation to your checked in luggage pack smartly to save space.

Roll your clothes and pack them tightly that way they will take less space. You can also use smaller reusable bottles to carry skin care stuff and mini containers for basic makeup items.

Carry basic makeup in a small pouch in your carryon baggage and bigger items in the checked in luggage in a large organizer. If you’re going for wedding or something, please carry a good jewellery organizer to keep all your valuables safe.

I love the Yazzii Deluxe Jewellery Storage Bag because it has the size and storage capacity that suits my needs.

Just remember that segregating the items in different pouches and organisers will make your travelling experience pain free and your bag will stay need and tidy. Plus, you will make most of your trip and have a wonderful relaxed time….